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Are you a life coach, mentor, or therapist looking to set up your website?

It’s an important step when starting your business in this digital era.

As a coach, though, building your brand is very important when planning your online presence. A properly designed website is an important part of that.
You want a website that reflects your brand in the best way and converts visitors into customers well. Our Website Launch Package for Coaches answers your every need.

Whether you are a life coach, mentor, therapist, public speaker, or nutritionist, we have a WordPress theme perfectly suited to your needs.

Our experts will handle every aspect of your website design with the utmost care. We will deliver a website that perfectly translates your personality, skills, and services to draw in new customers.

Pros of Website Launch Package for Coaches

By purchasing our Website Launch Package for Coaches, you can rest assured about getting a website that gives your coaching business a running start. For now, let’s sort through some benefits of our service.

1. Save Time and Trouble

Time is the most important thing when you are setting up your business. By letting us handle your coaching website needs, you can focus on other aspects of your business.

We will use precise tools and techniques to showcase the best that you have to offer to potential customers. You can avoid the stress of micromanaging every aspect of your website presentation and content by letting us handle it all. We will get your website up and running in no time.

In the meantime, you can focus your attention on matters that require your urgent attention.

2. Gain Competitive Advantage

Building a good-looking website is only half the work to having a successful website. We will set up your website with all the features you need to compete with other coaches.

A professional-looking website that offers excellent user experience will give you a competitive advantage. Using one of our elegant coaching WordPress themes, you will get the best design elements that engage your visitors.

We will customize your chosen Blossom WordPress theme to ensure that it sets the right tone and immediately establishes your brand.

3. Best Approaches

So, how do we ensure that your website starts with a definite edge over your competitors? We follow the WordPress coding standards and create websites that deliver the best user experience.

More importantly, our Website Launch Package for Coaches also includes SEO optimization. You will get an SEO-friendly website with a responsive design so that you can start pulling the relevant organic traffic from the get-go.

We will also guide you to optimize your content, so you get that worry off your back when you purchase this package.

Smart Call-to-Action placements will supercharge your website design to generate leads and convert visitors.

With such technical concerns out of the way, we will also help you with your website’s image selection. The images you place on your website have a useful role in setting the right feel. They can also help your branding efforts in a big way.

Purchasing this package means that we will look after every aspect of your website creation. We can save you the hassle of going through different services and working through the technical issues.

Our experts will deliver a website that checks all the boxes from visual design to performance.

Tawnya Schultz

Founder of Intentional Finance Co. and The Money Life Coach

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Erin King

ADHD and Diet Recovery Coach

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Tara Whitaker

Book Editor and Business Coach for Freelance Editors

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Maryellen Dance


My website turned out EXACTLY how I had pictured. Not only did it turn out perfectly, but the turn around time was less than a week! Actually, it was THREE days! To completely redo my website into my dream website. Nabin was absolutely awesome and kept asking me what I thought/what I wanted so that he could make sure he was doing things exactly as I had wanted. He was very patient with me when I was not understanding things and when he had to explain things to me. I love the theme, I love the support, I love how fast it was and all for a price that did not break the bank. Definitely recommend.

Tammy Letherer

Award-Winning Author

I’ve been procrastinating on updating my website for ages. I didn’t know where to start or who to call for help and it felt completely overwhelming. Then I found Blossom Themes and it was like stepping on a fast-moving conveyor belt. I could actually relax and enjoy the ride! My old site was migrated to the new theme without any glitches and the process was SO user-friendly, intuitive, creative, and fun. The theme is gorgeous and has all the bells and whistles I imagined. The customer support is outstanding. I can’t say enough about Nabin’s helpfulness and patience, not only with building the new site but educating me along the way. I highly recommend Blossom Themes!

Melanie Hicks

Professional Coach and Consultant

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Tonya Steel

Financial Management Architect & Coach

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Schedule a meeting with us to get started on your very own coaching website.

What Does This Package Include?

  • Set up your coaching website using the theme of your choice.
  • Set up a homepage section with powerful web elements:
    • Banner with Call-to-Action that links to your services or Newsletter to collect leads
    • About Section to display your bio to introduce yourself to visitors and connect with them
    • Services section to highlight the services you offer
    • Call-to-Action section with a title that grabs your visitors’ attention and a button that links to key pages like Services, Appointments, or Contact Us
    • Testimonials section to display social proof
    • Contact section with contact form and information so your visitors can easily get in touch with you.
  • About page to provide detailed information about you — your background, achievements, approach, etc.
  • Services page with all the services listed
  • Dedicated pages for each of your services with a Call-to-Action button that links to the Contact or the Appointment page
  • Contact Page with contact details and form
  • Blog page with essentials widgets in the sidebar like Author Bio, Popular Posts, and so on for an engaging surfing experience
  • Set up the Newsletter section to collect leads.
  • Setup performance monitoring tools including Google Analytics and Google Search Console.
  • Install an effective SEO plugin and make your site SEO-friendly along with the title and description.
  • One-Month Priority Support during which your support tickets jump the support tickets queue (we receive 50+ support tickets per day) and are given the highest priority.
  • Install the essential plugins for your site for key functions like image optimization, SEO, etc.
  • 30 – 60 mins one-on-one training on your website to walk you through your site so you can easily make changes or add content.

Our Portfolio

Our Website Launch Package is based upon one of the excellent WordPress themes that we offer at Blossom Themes.

 You can check some of them below to get a feel for our design style, functionality, and feature sets. We put a lot of effort into our WordPress themes to ensure that they offer the best design and functionality.

Rabbi Tamara Kolton

Modern Mythologist and Clinical Psychologist

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Kristel Hering

CEO of Alba Group and Amitylux

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Schedule a meeting with us to get started on your very own coaching website.

The Process


1Schedule an appointment

You can schedule a free appointment to discuss your requirements with our WordPress expert. We will analyze your content, talk about your needs, and visualize the look of your website.


2Content Planning

Once we have established your needs with the website, we will help you to start putting the content that will go into your website. This can include the text content and the media like images or videos you want to feature on your website. It is essential to use the right content to build an engaging website. Our experts will help you choose the right content that can set the desired tone and engagement factor.


3Design begins

Once we estimate the project and have put together the content, our team will start working on your website design. Based on how extensive the design work is, your website should be ready in around a week.


4Final Check and Testing

We will go through the last inspection to ensure that all the content has been uploaded as required. We will also test the website to make sure that everything is running smoothly.


5Website Delivery

You will have your website delivered within the given time according to your requirements. We will set up your website as per your needs and also upload the content you provide.


6One-on-one Training Session

Once your website is set up and published, we will provide you with a 30 to 60-minute one-on-one training session. Our WordPress expert will help you understand how to operate your website’s basic settings to update content, make necessary changes, and confidently run your website.

Top-Class Support

At Blossom Themes, we pay special attention to our support system so that our customers can continue to have the best possible experience with our products.

The Website Launch Package for Coaches comes with a dedicated one-on-one training session of 30 to 60 minutes in which we run you through the basics of running your WordPress website.

You will also get a One-Month Priority Support. This means that your support tickets will jump the queue for a full month after you have received your product. You will get a quick and immediate response to any support queries.

You will continue to receive top-class technical support from us after that point. We like to stay on the dot when it comes to customer service, and you will hear from us promptly and receive help on any issues you may have with our products.

Dr. Angela Gala Gonzalez

Owner and Founder

Two years ago, I found Blossom and immediately settled on the Pro Blossom Coach theme. For me, it was the perfect theme to develop my practice as a Health and Life Coach online. However, the Vandana theme recently came up, and I was ready to update my site. Nabin gave me a tour of the new theme’s features, and I loved it. So, right away, we started preparing for the transition. Nabin provided excellent service, and today my website is a dream come true. I am incredibly proud and happy to have worked with Blossom Themes. I am now a member of the club and have all the benefits, including technical assistance and support. If you are a coach like me, this is the best theme of all! But there are more themes to suit any need. I highly recommend Blossom Themes, and it comes with excellent customer service.

Rabbi Tamara Kolton


Nabin Jaiswal and Blossom theme built my website from scratch. He was outstanding to work with and I was able to complete my website at half the cost of other companies. He was very responsive and extremely knowledgable. I highly recommend Nabin and his company. Their work is of the highest quality and they are an absolute pleasure to deal with.

Schedule a meeting with us to get started on your very own coaching website.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

The cost will vary according to your requirements, which we will discuss in our meeting. We will talk about your needs, provide suggestions, and visualize what you want your website to look like. This will help us make a cost-effective estimate for your website requirements.

The project duration may vary depending upon your requirements. Usually, we deliver the complete website within seven business days.

The process starts with a scheduled meeting, where we discuss your website requirements. Based on the points discussed, we will provide you with the cost and project duration. Once we finalize the price, our team will start working on your site.

We accept payments through Credit Cards and PayPal (preferred).

Yes. All our themes are SEO-optimized and Schema friendly. Our team will also ensure that your page URL and posts are SEO-friendly. The website will also feature the integration of Google Analytics and Google Search Console so that you can keep track of your website’s performance.

Yes, your website will feature responsive design and respond smoothly to all devices and screen sizes.

Simply schedule a free meeting to get started with building your coaching website.

Yes, our support team will be there to help you with any technical queries. You will also receive One-Month Priority Support after your website launches in which your queries jump the support ticket queue. This ensures that your queries are answered as quickly as possible.

You will also get 30 to 60 minutes of one-on-one training from our WordPress expert so that you can understand the basics of running your website.

We have helped many customers build websites that they are proud of and generate leads. Our expert team analyzes your content to represent it in the best form, provides you with suggestions to improve the user experience, and much more.

Yes, we can. Just schedule a meeting to discuss your website requirements.

No, there is no such restriction. We will create as many pages as you want and include all the information you provide.

Yes, we can set your website up in multiple languages. It is a service that we have provided to many other customers as well.

Yes, we do, but it will end up costing you more. If you want a fully custom website design, you can schedule a meeting with our team to share your requirements with us.

Sure, we would love to sit down for a meeting. Please ask as many questions you have from here.

Talk to an Expert

Schedule a meeting with us to get started on your very own coaching website. You can book an appointment with our WordPress expert, Nabin, on his calendar.

As a WordPress expert, Nabin has helped build websites for coaches all over the world. He has been working as Support Lead for Blossom Themes for more than two years now. With his help, you can visualize the perfect look for your website that meets all your branding needs.

You don’t have to choose the theme to use beforehand. We can discuss all your needs during the meeting, including the best Blossom WordPress theme for you.

Nabin supports coaches from all over the world with their websites, so please be aware that calendar times might be open for different time zones. If you can’t find an appropriate time, just send us an email. We will make a manual appointment for you.