11 Best eCommerce Hosting Providers in 2023

Best eCommerce Hosting Providers

Digital marketplace grew significantly in this decade, and the growth seems to be unstoppable. Successful retailers like Amazon, Alibaba, and eBay have matured as the billions of dollars business. And tens and thousands of e-commerce stores are following their footprints.

If you are also planning to build the next Amazon, a reliable e-commerce hosting is crucial to success. It ensures your site will keep on operating and performing well.

A good e-commerce hosting makes customers experience as simple as possible. Your host not just affects the speed, performance, and uptime of your store, but also secures your website from potential threats and hacks.

If you are short on time, here are our top picks from 10 best eCommerce hosting in 2023. If you want your e-commerce hosting in the UK or some other parts of Europe, we have also reviewed the best WordPress hosting in the UK.

SiteGround: SiteGround, the WooCommerce-recommended web host provides great value for money. With its almost perfect uptime, super-fast loading speed, and compatibility with all the major e-commerce platforms, you can see why it came atop in our picks.

Hostinger: Hostinger is a renowned web hosting provider recognized for its affordability and reliable services. With various hosting options like shared, cloud, and VPS, Hostinger caters to diverse needs. Their fast servers and round-the-clock customer support make it a popular choice for individuals and businesses seeking a user-friendly hosting experience.

Bluehost WooCommerce: With WooCommerce auto-installation, secure online payments, dedicated resources, and e-commerce platform support, Bluehost WooCommerce is the best one among the affordable hosting options.

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What To Look For in an eCommerce Hosting

Web hosting must have some essential features to host an online store. To run your online store successfully, make sure your host has caching, database calls, external calls, great support, and so forth.

Most importantly, your host cannot miss a few factors to host your eCommerce store. So, prioritize the following four elements while looking for hosting your e-commerce store.


eCommerce stores have to identify, handle, and protect lots of sensitive information of customers, including name, address, and credit card information. So, such stores have to follow strong laws and regulations.

Therefore, while choosing a hosting, make sure you select a reliable and secure hosting. Pick a host that promises to protect your site from DDoS attacks, strong firewalls, and hackers.

Check whether the host offers an SSL certificate, maintains PCI compliance, and is compatible with Sitelock or not.

Uptime and Performance

What’s the worst thing that can happen to your e-commerce store? Going your site down at the busiest shopping time is a disaster for your online store. In times like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, even a minute downtime results in a huge revenue loss.

Therefore, make sure your eCommerce host guarantees you over 99.99% uptime with great performance.


Nobody wants to spend their time on a sluggish website. The speed of your e-commerce store has a huge effect on how it performs. Turns out, speed partly determines how long visitors stay in your e-commerce shop as well as how well the search engine ranks your website.

In terms of revenue, giant e-commerce platforms like Amazon lose millions of dollars if they experience downtime for even a minute.

You don’t want to lose your revenue because of the slow response time of your website. So, make sure your host can handle a large amount of traffic without compromising on the speed and performance of your website.

Customer Service

Established online stores must always have someone to fix things immediately if anything goes wrong. So, make sure to choose one of the best hosts when picking a web host for your e-commerce store, make sure the support team is available 24/7 and provide quick, helpful support.

There are also free hosting available for e-commerce hosting. But, most of them miss key features like the ones we mentioned above.

Now, let’s look at the best e-commerce hosting companies in 2023.

1. SiteGround

(Great value-for-money, 99.99% uptime, for small-to-medium e-commerce business, WooCommerce-recommended)


SiteGround amuses you with unmatched speed, top-class security, 100% uptime, and admirable support in e-commerce hosting. Take the benefits of e-commerce hosting with SiteGround to take your e-commerce store to the next level.

SiteGround e-commerce hosting is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses. It is affordable, yet highly capable of hosting your site with all the required resources and security.

This managed hosting offers exciting features like daily backups, free Cloudflare CDN, multiple server locations, caching layer, free assistance in site migration, free SSL certificate, and 24/7 support.

The higher-tier plans come with multiple-layer caching, a year subscription of Wildcard SSL for free, free site transfer by experts, advanced-on demand backups, WordPress and Joomla staging, and more. Furthermore, the GoGeek plan gives your website more server power, provides you with PCI compliant servers, and one-click GIT repository creation.

Recommended by WooCommerce creators, SiteGround comes with pre-installed WooCommerce. Besides, WooCommerce, it supports nine more eCommerce shopping carts which I will list below.

SiteGround Ecommerce Features:

Auto-installation of e-commerces

Which e-commerce shopping cart do you prefer? WooCommerce, Magento, Virtuemart, Prestashop, or something else?

SiteGround e-commerce hosting supports 18 e-commerce applications. You can choose any of these e-commerce shopping carts from the Softaculous Autoinstaller of the cPanel.

SiteGround e-commerce hosting supports the following popular shopping carts:

  • WooCommerce
  • Virtuemart
  • Magento
  • Oscommerce
  • Zencart
  • WP e-commerce
  • Prestashop
  • CubeCard
  • Freeway
  • CS-cart and more


SiteGround accelerates the response time and page loading speed of your e-commerce website. It comes with multiple server locations and free Cloudflare CDN, which improves the speed and security of your website.

The startup plan comes with a single caching layer. But, the higher tier-plans come with advanced SuperCacher caching technology with three caching levels. The hosting uses the best speed technology like SSD storage, NGINX servers, HTTP/S enabled servers, and more.

SiteGround eCommerce hosting helps in the fast display of products and quick payment transactions.

Enhanced security

SiteGround puts a lot of effort to provide your e-commerce business with enhanced security.  You get a free SSL certificate with any of its hosting plans. Moreover, in the higher-tier e-commerce hosting plans, SiteGround offers you one year of Wildcard SSL for free.

SiteGround offers your site with an account isolation environment and a custom server setup. Even if your neighbor site is hacked, your site won’t get affected.

The GoGeek plan comes with PCI compliance, which protects your brand, customers, and the cash flow from fraud. It helps to manage the risk relating to identity theft and credit card fraud, which also helps in boosting your customer’s confidence. You can request for PCI compliance on other plans too.

SiteGround Managed WooCommerce Hosting Pricing

SiteGround’s e-commerce hosting begins at as low as $3.95 per month. With its e-commerce plans, you get access to free site builder, SSL certificates, and SSD storage. The higher-tier plans have additional features like Supercache, advanced on-demand backups, PCI compliance, and more.

Special Price: $3.95/month*Special Price: $5.95/month*Special Price: $11.95/month*
Regular Price: $11.95/monthRegular Price: $19.95/monthRegular Price: $34.95/month
1 siteUnlimited sitesUnlimited sites
10 GB storage20 GB storage30 GB storage
~ 10,000 traffic/month~ 20,000 traffic/month~ 100,000 traffic/month
Free site builder, SSL, & HTTPSFree site builder, SSL, & HTTPSFree site builder, SSL, & HTTPS
-Supercache, advanced on-demand backup, & StagingSupercache, advanced on-demand backup, & Staging
--PCI compliance, 1-click Git Repository creation, & more server power

2. Hostinger

(Simple installation, free SSL certificate, WP-CLI and SSH access, and regular backups with a 30-day money-back guarantee)

eCommerce Hosting- Hostinger

Hostinger e-commerce hosting ensures your business has the resources and support it needs to succeed in the competitive online market. 

With advanced security measures like SSL certificates, daily backups, and DDoS protection, Hostinger safeguards your customers’ data and transactions. Knowing your online store is secure, you can focus on growing your business.

Hostinger guarantees a 99.9% uptime, ensuring your store remains accessible to customers around the clock. 

If you require assistance with your hosting or other Hostinger services, their Customer Success Team is ready 24/7 and is sufficient in multiple languages. 

Ecommerce-Specific Features

Lightning-Fast Speed

Using LiteSpeed Cache and Cloudflare CDN, Hostinger accelerates your website performance and improves loading time.

Custom-Built Store

All of Hostinger’s e-commerce plans come with a Website Builder. Complete with ready-made templates, the builder allows you to create a fully-customized e-commerce store with ease. The builder also has a multilanguage option and payment gateway integration.

hPanel Access

hPanel is Hostinger’s custom control panel. This user-friendly platform simplifies website management from domains, emails, and databases.

With hPanel, you also have complete control over your hosting environment. This helps you to configure settings, access file managers, and set up security features easily.

E-commerce Platforms Compatibility

Hostinger easily works with most e-commerce platforms, making it the best choice for your online store hosting needs. Whether you choose WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Magento, or any other self-hosted eCommerce software, Hostinger aims to provide a dependable and safe hosting option.

Hostinger eCommerce Hosting Plans

You can choose from three hosting plans. The most popular is the Cloud Professional, priced at $14.99 per month. It includes enough resources to host up to 300 websites per account, a free domain name for a year, and access to WordPress and other CMS platforms.

Cloud StartupCloud ProfessionalCloud Enterprise
Starts at: $9.99/moStarts at: $14.99/moStart at: 29.99/mo
Regular Price: $24.00/moRegular Price: $49.99/moRegular Price: $64.99/mo
Free domainFree domainFree domain
200GB storage250GB storage300GB storage
Unlimited bandwidthUnlimited bandwidthUnlimited bandwidth
2 CPU cores4 CPU cores6 CPU cores

3. Bluehost WooCommerce

(WooCommerce auto-install, marketing credits, unmetered bandwidth, secure online payment, & 30-day money-back guarantee)


Bluehost WooCommerce is full of amazing features. From unmetered bandwidth to dedicated WooCommerce hosting with regular automated backups, the benefits you get with Bluehost WooCommerce is merely met by other hosts.

One attribute that customers love is Bluehost does not have any overage fee. Bluehost does not charge you with traffic penalty if bandwidth exceeds the allocated amount. You get unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and unlimited transfer with this e-commerce hosting.

On top of that, the host throws in a domain for free. The feature-rich hosting plan also comes with unlimited FTP, email accounts, forwarders, and autoresponders.

Bluehost WooCommerce hosting comes with a centralized analytics dashboard to monitor your store’s performance, free SSL plus dedicated IP for secure payment. If you get into any problem, its 24/7 support is there to aid you.

With Bluehost WooCommerce, you will get fully customizable online stores, secure payment gateways, and many features that other e-commerce hosts are short of.

Bluehost Ecommerce-specific Features

WooCommerce auto-install

Avoid the hassle of installing and setting up WooCommerce. Bluehost comes with a one-click e-commerce application installer which speeds up your site set up process.

Integration with major e-commerce software

Bluehost spent over a million on developing SimpleScripts which makes it compatible with all the major e-commerce software like ShopSite, PrestaShop, CubeCart, OsCommerce, Magento, TomatoCart, Zen Cart, OpenCart, AgoraCart, and more.

Dedicated IP address

Leverage the power of a dedicated IP address to maintain stability, enhance security, improve performance, and increase the site loading speed. Unlike with a shared server, you will not have noisy neighbors to disturb your site.

Hundreds of WooCommerce storefront designs and controls

Bluehost WordPress e-commerce hosting comes with many WooCommerce storefront designs. You get access to 100+ Elegant themes to build a site with an excellent conversion rate.

Add or remove products easily from your online inventory, create coupon codes and create promotions easily.

You also get a variety of payment options and customize your shopping cart.

Bluehost WooCommerce Pricing Plans

Bluehost has three WooCommerce hosting pricing plans. The Starter pack costs as low as $6.95 per month. It lets you host a single e-commerce store whereas the other two pricing plans offer you unlimited store hosting. With all these plans, you get a free SSL certificate and domain privacy for the security of your store.

Starts at: $6.95/mo*Starts at: $8.95/mo*Starts at: $12.95/mo*
Regular Price: $13.99/moRegular Price: $17.99/moRegular Price: $31.99/mo
1 storeUnlimited storesUnlimited stores
100 GB SSD disk spaceUnmetered SSD disk spaceUnmetered SSD disk space
Free SSL & domain privacyFree SSL & domain privacyFree SSL & domain privacy
-CodeGuard Backups BasicCodeGuard Backup Basic
--Bluehost SEO Tools Start

4. A2 Hosting

(Turbo fast, supports popular e-commerce platforms, automatic backups, cPanel control panel, dedicated IP address, and more)


Fast, reliable, and feature-rich, A2 hosting has every quality that you look for in an e-commerce hosting. It comes with several popular e-commerce platforms like Magento, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, and OpenCart to build your online store.

With A2 Hosting, you get free SSL certificate, automatic backups, free cart software, dual firewall system, and you can choose from different data center locations.

Even a few minutes of downtime in peak selling seasons results in a loss of customers. A2 hosting knows this well and is determined to provide more than 99.99% uptime with its reliable servers.

You can use the pre-installed A2 optimized plugin which helps your online store perform better. The host also uses Perpetual Security action and HackScan Protection to safeguard your e-commerce store from cyber threats and hacks.

A2 Hosting uses cPanel which is universally recognized and user-friendly. You can control your account, add domains, create email accounts, and do so much more with a single click.

A2 E-commerce features

eCommerce tools

Popular eCommerce applications like WooCommerce, Magento, and OpenCart come pre-installed in your A2 e-commerce hosting account. You can set up these platforms in one click.

These platforms are A2 optimized which means the host tried and tested to find out the settings and configuration that works best for getting the fastest page loading speed and optimal performance.

Dedicated IP address

At a small additional cost, the host gives you a dedicated IP address. With a dedicated IP address, your store will have better stability, enhanced security, and improved performance. Unlike with a shared server, you will not have a neighbor website that could affect your site.

Security and Support

To secure your website, A2 e-commerce hosting offers free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates. You don’t have to work out on any configuration process as the certificates are automatically installed on your site as soon as you sign up for this hosting.

Super-fast loading

You cannot compromise on the page loading speed of your website. Regardless of how big or featured-rich your online store is, it has got to be quick. Else, you will see a large chunk of customers turning away to some other stores.

A2 leads the race when it comes to the fastest affordable web hosting. Choose its Turbo server to host your e-commerce store and see your site performing faster than ever before.

A2 e-commerce hosting pricing

A2 has so many plans suitable for e-commerce hosting. You can use any of its Shared, VPS, Dedicated, and Reseller hosting for hosting your online store. The Shared plan starts at as low as $2.96 per month whereas the Dedicated Hosting begins from $99.59 per month.

Shared HostingReseller HostingVPS HostingDedicated Hosting
Starts at: $2.96/moStarts at: $13.19/moStarts at: $5.00/moStarts at: $99.59/mo
Regular Lowest Price: $7.99/moRegular Lowest Price: $19.99/moRegular Lowest Price: $5.00/moRegular Lowest Price: $119.99/mo
CMS-optimizedEasy accounts setupSuperfast and developer-friendlyResource customization option
20X fasterWHM control panelIsolated environmentCompletely isolated environment
Free site migrationFree billing systemFree site migrationFree site migration

5. InMotion

(Several e-commerce hosting options, cPanel, automatic backups, multiple data center locations, PCI compliance, and dedicated IP address)


InMotion offers shared and VPS e-commerce hosting. The host is quite reliable and guarantees you 99.9% uptime which ensures your shop remains open and ready for business 24/7.

InMotion offers you access to responsive themes that suit your business and products. It alerts you with continuous updates so you can download the latest patches of your application to keep your site safe and secure.

For a top-performance, the host provides you with dedicated IP addresses in some plans. Its features include free SSD, cPanel, SSL certificate, free ad credits, automatic data backups, and multiple data center locations.

Support is a crucial facet of hosting business. InMotion provides you 24/7/365 support via phone, live chat, and email. In addition, the host also offers Support Center and training modules.

Even with all these features, if you don’t like this e-commerce hosting, InMotion offers you a 90-day money-back guarantee.

InMotion Ecommerce-specific Features

E-commerce platforms compatible

InMotion eCommerce hosting supports all the top eCommerce apps like PrestaShop, WooCommerce, OpenCart, Magento, and more. These top platforms offer you exemplary customer service, easy administration, and a secure environment to run your e-commerce store.

The host uses Softaculous. This auto-installer allows you to download eCommerce applications with a click.

PCI compliance

The law requires your business to have a PCI compliant server if your business uses the credit card data information of your customers. InMotion e-commerce hosting is PCI-compliant which safeguards your website from identity theft or credit card fraud.

Multiple Payment Methods

With the major e-commerce platforms that InMotion hosting supports, you can accept multiple payment methods including PayPal, Google Wallet, and credit card.

Dedicated IP address

InMotion’s e-commerce VPS plans come with a dedicated IP address. With the dedicated IP address, your e-commerce website gets more stability.

Websites with a high volume of traffic must have a dedicated IP address to maintain and improve loading speed.

Besides, the dedicated IP address helps in boosting your site ranking, enabling specific features, reducing downtime, building your business identity, and more.

InMotion Ecommerce Hosting Pricing

InMotion offers you several e-commerce hosting options. With each option, you get a free domain, marketing tools, free SSL certificate, and multiple payment methods.

Get InMotion Hosting Plan With Upto 70% OFF with this InMotion Hosting Coupon.

SSD Shared eCommerceSSD VPS eCommerceWooCommerce
Starts at: $3.99/moStarts at: $24.99/moStarts at: $4.99/mo
Regular Price: $7.99 - $13.99/moRegular Price: $24.99 - $59.99/moRegular Price: $7.99 - $11.99/mo
Free domainFree domainFree domain
Unlimited disk storage Storage: 60 GB - 200 GBStorage: 40 GB - 120 GB
Unlimited bandwidthBandwidth: 2 TB - 4 TBUnlimited bandwidth
Marketing toolsFree site migrationFree site migration, WooCommerce auto-install
Free SSL, hack & DDoS protectionFree SSLFree SSL

6. 1&1 IONOS

(Built-in website builder, many store templates, payment integrations, and SSL certificates)


Are you looking for affordable e-commerce hosting rich in features? 1&1 Ionos web host provides a wide range of packages including shared, cloud, VPS, dedicated, and WooCommerce hosting.

The WooCommerce hosting of 1&1 Ionos is quite powerful, which lets you create and manage your online store within a few clicks.

With 1&1 Ionos WooCommerce hosting, you get endless opportunities. Sell all types of products and pick from 300+ extensions with this hosting. The hosting also comes with a  website builder, which helps you build your online store quickly.

The hosting acts quite seriously in the security of websites. It uses an SSL certificate for safe and secure transactions, and there is 24/7 support to help you if you encounter difficulties.

1&1 Ionos e-commerce features

1&1 Ionos e-commerce builder

1&1 Ionos comes with its in-house e-commerce builder which has several store templates and designs. It’s an add-on option starting from as low as $10 per month. You can drag and drop elements to build your e-commerce site.

1&1 Ionos lets you enter your sales tax ID and gives you an option to display products with or without tax included in the price rates. Add products, display your delivery methods, show payment options, and do so much more with this hosting and site builder.

The host also gives you access to 1&1 Ionos MyWebsite that leverages the power of the popular Duda site builder.

Payment integration

This host integrates payment options like Paypal Express Checkout, cash on delivery, Skrill, Ingenico, Strike, Shippo, direct debit, credit cards, and more.


You can customize your online shop as you like. You can choose from several shipping options, adjust settings with tax rates, and control almost every element. The hosting is suitable to host any kind of e-commerce website to sell physical goods, digital products, virtual products, and more. Example: Themes related to Digital Download.

1&1 Ionos WooCommerce hosting pricing

1&1 Ionos e-commerce hosting plans start at as low as $1 per month. You get at least a free domain and a minimum of 25 GB of SSD disk storage with 1&1 Ionos WooCommerce hosting.

Starting Price: $1/moStarting Price: $1/moStarting Price: $1/mo
Regular Price: $9/moRegular Price: $11/moRegular Price: $15/mo
1 WordPress site2 WordPress sites5 WordPress websites
SSD disk space: 25 GBSSD disk space: 100 GBSSD disk space: 200 GB
10 email accounts100 email accounts500 email accounts
1 free domain2 free domains5 free domains

7. LiquidWeb

(Dedicated and Cloud hosting, fully managed servers, resources adding options, and isolated environment)


LiquidWeb has a wide range of dedicated and Cloud hosting solutions for your e-commerce hosting needs. VPS hosting, dedicated servers, Cloud sites, and Managed WooCommerce hosting.

The host is fast, powerful, and fully reliable. You can list and sell as many products as you like and there is no limit on that. You can host physical product stores, digital stores, dropshipping stores, marketplace stores, and any other kind of stores with one of its e-commerce hosting plans.

So, if you want to avoid the burden of managing your site, you can host your e-commerce website in LiquidWeb.

LiquidWeb Ecommerce-specific Features

Fully Managed Servers

LiquidWeb manages your server so that you can give you all on growing your business. The host makes sure that your website is updated, patched, and is always running online.

Store management tools

You will get access to various tools with LiquidWeb. Build custom order status, workflow, customer-related offer, display promotion, create coupons, accepts reviews, manage products, and do so much more with those tools.

Isolated environment

With LiquidWeb, you will host your website in a scalable, dedicated Cloud infrastructure. You don’t have to share the environment with other sites that improve the reliability of your website.

The host doesn’t limit you to a pre-specified set of resources; use as much as your site needs. The host automatically detects if your site is busy and adds resources like RAM and CPU cores automatically.

Regardless of how big or small your business is, be ensured that the host will take care of your e-commerce website.

Premium e-commerce Features

The host comes with premium features like Jilt abandoned shopping cart recovery to get back your lost customers and Glew’s Analytics support to get information about your customers and orders.

The host monitors stores, detects and fixes hosting-related issues, backups data offsite, provides SSL and PCI scans, and provide 24/7 support.

LiquidWeb WooCommerce Hosting Pricing

If you are planning to start out on an e-commerce store, Liquid Web has four major pricing plans. The pricing ranges from $39 per month to $149 per month. You can upload unlimited products and get unlimited orders, Page Builder by Beaver Builder, free site migration tools, free SSL, and many other exciting features.

LiquidWeb WooCommerce Hosting Pricing for a New Store

Starts at $39/moStarts at $99/moStarts at $125/moStarts at $149/mo
Upto 150 transaction/moUpto 300 transaction/moUpto 300 transaction/moUpto 300 transaction/mo
Jilt Abandoned CartJilt Abandoned CartJilt Abandoned CartJilt Abandoned Cart
Free SSLFree SSLFree SSLFree SSL
Free Migration toolsFree Migration toolsFree Migration toolsFree Migration tools

If you have an existing store, LiquidWeb has WooCommerce hosting plans built for medium-sized businesses to large enterprises.

LiquidWeb WooCommerce Hosting Pricing for Existing Stores

Starts at $39/moStarts at $99/moStarts at $125/moStarts at $149/mo
Upto 150 transaction/moUpto 300 transaction/moUpto 300 transaction/moUpto 300 transaction/mo
Jilt Abandoned CartJilt Abandoned CartJilt Abandoned CartJilt Abandoned Cart
Free SSLFree SSLFree SSLFree SSL
Free Migration toolsFree Migration toolsFree Migration toolsFree Migration tools

8. Shopify

(Cloud-based platform, unlimited bandwidth, powerful framework, PCI compliance, and over 100 payment gateways)


Shopify – the most popular commerce platform that allows you to build and customize your online store. It is hosted in a cloud-based platform, you don’t have to worry about any upgrades or maintenance of web servers.

With Shopify’s e-commerce hosting, you get unlimited bandwidth. Even when your store gets a huge traffic spike, Shopify won’t charge you even an extra dime. Other web hosts usually charge you extra or just cancel or suspend your account when you use more than the allocated resources and bandwidth. Surprises like these won’t happen with Shopify hosting.

This platform also allows you to use your new or existing domain name. If you don’t have a domain, you can buy one with this e-commerce platform.

Shopify sets up your e-commerce site and hosts it. So, you don’t have to worry about any software upgrades and updates.

Another nice feature of Shopify is it is built on a powerful Ruby on Rails framework. So, expect to get a super-fast online store with Shopify hosting.

Ecommerce-specific features

Level 1 PCI compliance

Shopify ensures that your customer data remains fully secure. This e-commerce hosting is Level 1 PCI compliance. This is the highest level of certification that an e-commerce website can obtain for securing electronic transactions.

Shopify also uses SSL certificates to keep your order details fully protected.

Super-fast servers with guaranteed uptime

Shopify offers your customers quick, global access through its servers located worldwide. It is the first e-commerce site solution to use CDN. It has taken the support of the most reputable CDN company, Fastly to operate its CDN.

Shopify has done its best to make sure your e-commerce store is always available and guarantees you 99.98% uptime.

Secure Shopping Cart

Shopify gives you a fully secured shopping cart software for your online shop. The shopping cart solution accepts Paypal and credit cards with 100+ payment gateways integration.

Shopify Pricing

Shopify has three major pricing plans. All these plans come with Shopify hosting solution. The Basic Shopify plan starts from $29 per month whereas the Advanced Shopify costs you $299 per month. For those who need an upgrade, there is the Shopify Plus plan that costs you $2000 per month.

Basic ShopifyShopifyAdvanced Shopify
Price: $29/mo Price: $79/mo Price: $299/mo 
Unlimited productsUnlimited productsUnlimited products
2 staff accounts5 staff accounts15 staff accounts
Abandoned cart recoveryAbandoned cart recoveryAbandoned cart recovery
Free SSLFree SSLFree SSL
-Gift CardsGift Cards

9. HostGator

(Dedicated, VPS, and Cloud hosting, easy migration, scalable, supports all the major e-commerce platform)


Whether a small clothing store or a big enterprise, HostGator can cater to the needs of every kind of e-commerce websites. The host offers VPS, dedicated, and Cloud hostings that are ideal for e-commerce websites. It also has a complete set of tools and well-thought plans to host e-commerce sites successfully.

HostGator guarantees 99.9% uptime; your site will remain online and sell products without experiencing any downtime.

The eCommerce software compatibility makes this hosting a great option for e-commerce hosting. With one of the eCommerce software that reconciles with HostGator, your visitors will experience a comfortable shopping experience.

HostGator also offers its design services for e-commerce websites. So, if you want to revamp your website with a better UX, you can contact the host.

HostGator Ecommerce-specific Features

Super-fast Loading with Cloud Hosting

You will experience 2X times faster load times with HostGator. It uses low-density servers, hardware made using the latest technology, and several caching layers which makes this hosting pretty fast.

HostGator Cloud hosting manages your website content more efficiently as it processes dynamic content requests quickly.


Upgrade to a higher plan easily as your online presence grows. You can upgrade to a higher plan with just a click; no data migration hassle, or downtime! In addition, your online store won’t experience any interruption even if it gets a sudden traffic spike.

Shopping carts

HostGator lets you add a shopping cart to make an e-commerce website. You can choose from many available shopping carts like Magento, PrestaShop, and Zencart from the QuickInstall auto-installer. So, with a click, you can install e-commerce software for your store.

Payment Gateways

An e-commerce store requires you to sign up and incorporate a payment gateway and your store account to perform payment transactions. HostGator supports all the major payment gateways.

HostGator Cloud Hosting Pricing

HostGator Cloud Hosting starts at as low as $4.95 per month that costs $!4.95 per month if you want a monthly subscription. Likewise, other plans cost you $6.57 and $9.95 per month.

In all these plans, you get unmetered web storage, $100 of Google Adwords credit, automatic malware removal, free site migration, and free SSL.

Hatchling CloudBaby CloudBusiness Cloud
Starts at: $4.95/moStarts at: $6.57/moStarts at: $9.95/mo
Unmetered storageUnmetered storageUnmetered storage
Free SSLFree SSLFree SSL

10. WP Engine

(WooCommerce hosting, automatic plugin updates, security backups, super-fast loading speed, free SSL, and multiple payment gateways)


WP Engine is a web host optimized for WordPress websites only. If you are planning to build a WooCommerce site, or already own, WP Engine is the perfect place to host your WooCommerce website.

With WP Engine, your e-commerce store will get benefits of automatic plugin updates, automated security backups, and improved page loading speed. So, thousands of online merchants have chosen WP Engine over other e-commerce hosts.

WP Engine has a team of WordPress experts who understand every technology that your WooCommerce site requires. Their support members don’t point you towards a knowledge base and leave you with the rest of the task. Instead, they speak our language and dive into our problems to solve them.

The host also gives you access to many attractive themes; choose one of them to build an eCommerce website instantly. And there are no technicalities needed.

Other features of WP Engine include CDN, SSL certificates, free migration, VPS, multiple payment gateways support, and easy upgrades.

Ecommerce-specific features

One-click staging environment

WP Engine introduced a staging environment into the WP admin panel which makes it easy for you to set up a staging site within a minute. You can push your staged site live within a click.

Since e-commerce sites have new daily transactions in the production environment. While replacing the database, the transactions get wiped out. So, WP Engine lets you transfer images, themes, and plugins while keeping your database undisturbed.

Automatic backups

WP Engine makes backups of all files and records multiple times a day. For e-commerce stores, WP Engine automatically backs up the records of customers and transactions several times. If anything goes wrong with your online shop, you can restore the backed up data easily.

Impenetrable security

WP Engine monitors every file change and immediately blocks any unauthorized writing attempts. It actively scans for malware and vulnerabilities to spot and eliminate such issues.

The hosting comes with multiple security layers; such robust vulnerability patching keeps your e-commerce website protected from hacks and threats.

WP Engine also checks for plugins that conflict with their network. If they find any such plugin that poses threats to your site, they notify you to remove it or they remove themselves.

Fully dedicated environments

Your e-commerce store does not share a memory, disk storage, processing power and other such resources with other websites. Fully dedicated environments make this hosting more reliable, diminish the security risk, and make your work easier.

Super-fast speed

WP Engine uses NetDNA-powered CDN to serve your site all around the globe. It combines the power of Google Cloud Platform with WordPress to build a lightning-fast, scalable eCommerce store.

In addition, the WP engine leverages the power of Amazon Web Service to speed up the e-commerce platform and provide more resilience.

WP Engine WooCommerce Pricing

This WordPress-specific hosting offers three WooCommerce hosting plans – the Startup, Growth, and Scale. The Startup plan lets you host a single website with 10 GB SSD disk storage and 50 GB bandwidth. Likewise, the other plans let you host multiple stores in a single account.

Ideal for 25k visits/moIdeal for 100k visits/mo400k visits/mo
1 website5 websites15 websites
10 GB SSD space20 GB SSD space30 GB SSD space
50 GB bandwidth/mo200 GB bandwidth/mo400 GB bandwidth/mo
Development, Staging, & production environmentDevelopment, Staging, & production environmentDevelopment, Staging, & production environment

11. BigCommerce Hosting

(e-commerce platform with hosting, tonnes of features, Google Cloud, top-class security, and level 1 PCI-compliant)


BigCommerce – a leading e-commerce platform lets you build an online store and provides hosting as well. It has tons of features and tools to run and host huge and fast-growing businesses.

BigCommerce hosting produces unmatched performance. It leverages the power of Google Cloud to turbocharges your business with super-fast site loading speed.

The host secures your e-commerce site with multiple layers of security. Likewise, it provides unparalleled bandwidth which lets your site run and sell products even when your site experiences big traffic spikes.

BigCommerce has industry-leading uptime with average time over 99.99%. So, you can be ensured that your store remains up and running at all times.

BigCommerce Hosting Features

Uncompromising Security

BigCommerce hosting incorporates multiple layers of security to prevent any unauthorized access. It includes server-specific firewalls and intrusion detection software to provide your online store with tight security. BigCommerce provides protection from DDoS attacks too.

Level 1 PCI compliant

BigCommerce servers are Level 1 PCI DSS 3.2 certified; such certification provides protection against credit card breaches. The host also includes shared SSL and also lets you buy or transfer dedicated SSL certificates so that your customers feel safe when browsing your e-commerce store.

Fast CDN

Even a 1-second delay results in a significant conversion loss. So, BigCommerce hosts e-commerce sites in a blazing-fast Google Cloud Platform. In such a fast content delivery network, sites load faster, improve conversion, and provide a better user experience.

BigCommerce Pricing Plans

BigCommerce categorizes its pricing into four types. For those small business owners who want to sell online with their own online store, the “Standard Plan” is an ideal option.

Likewise, the “Plus Plan” is great for growing online businesses with access to marketing tools. Similarly, the “Pro Plan” helps you scale your growing business and the Enterprise plan is best for those who want the best option among the e-commerce platforms.

Unlimited products & bandwidthUnlimited products & bandwidthUnlimited products & bandwidthUnlimited products & bandwidth
Unlimited staff accountsUnlimited staff accountsUnlimited staff accountsUnlimited staff accounts
eBay & Amazon connectioneBay & Amazon connectioneBay & Amazon connectioneBay & Amazon connectionPro
Product ratings with reviewsProduct ratings with reviewsProduct ratings with reviewsProduct ratings with reviews
Single pay checkoutSingle pay checkoutSingle pay checkoutSingle pay checkout
-Abandoned cart saverAbandoned cart saverAbandoned cart saver
--Product filteringProduct filtering


Now that you have read this entire review of 10 best eCommerce hosting in 2023, you can see what e-commerce specific features each host posses. You can see that all these hosts have tonnes of features, are fully secured, and easily scalable.

For anyone, who want us to recommend a particular one from the list, Bluehost and SiteGround are two best e-commerce hosting providers. These hosts don’t cost much and provide some of the best e-commerce tools, above 99.95% uptime guarantee, security like Fort Knox, and top-notch performance.

Here, we have done our parts. Now, it’s upon you to decide which host you want to use for your eCommerce hosting.

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