25+ Best Lifestyle WordPress Themes of 2023

best lifestyle WordPress themes

Are you a writing enthusiast getting started on your journey as a lifestyle blogger? A good-looking website is the best way to engage your audience. 

Lifestyle blogs come with vibrant and engaging design and you have to make sure that your website is up to the mark. Fortunately, there are many WordPress themes out there that get the job done. 

However, the best lifestyle WordPress themes come with many more features to give you an edge over your competitors. 

Now, you don’t have to scratch your head thinking about how to choose a WordPress theme. In this blog, we provide you a list of 25+ best lifestyle web templates that you can select from. 

We suggest you read the following blogs before reading the description of lifestyle themes. 

What to Look for in a Lifestyle WordPress Theme?

Search Engine Optimization 

Organic search is a major source of visitors for websites. According to this Optify study, the top three Google results take away 58.4% of all traffic for any search keyword. Search engine optimization is a set of processes that help you improve your search engine rankings so that you can benefit from these top spots.

Speed Optimization

Loading speed is a crucial factor in a website’s search engine ranking, and for a good reason. Internet users today have very little patience for slow-loading websites. In fact, this Pingdom study found that you can lose up to 38% of your visitors if your website takes 5 seconds to load. So, you should look for a WordPress theme that is optimized for faster loading.

Mobile Friendly

The overall internet traffic has been split almost evenly into desktop and mobile phone users since 2017, according to this Statista report. This means that 50% of your visitors are surfing your website on their mobile devices. It is essential to find a mobile-friendly website these days to retain the mobile-using half of your traffic.

Customization Features

It is best if lifestyle blogs have a distinct look. You want your website to visually reflect the topics you explore in your blog, like health, wellness, or fashion. Having customization features to personalize the theme is a necessary element. 

WooCommerce Compatible

Over time, you might also come up with merchandise or products related to your niche that you want to sell to your reader base. A WooCommerce compatible theme allows you to set up an online store on your website so that you can sell products and make transactions possible.

Social Media Integration

Social media integration allows you to place links to your social media profile on your website. It is an essential feature and one that can help boost your online following. This also includes features such as feeds to display posts from your different social media profiles, and social sharing buttons.

Newsletter Forms

Newsletters are another useful tool to increase your following and to generate new leads for your products. You need newsletter forms to build your mailing list so that your readers can keep up with you through your email newsletters. 

List of Best Lifestyle WordPress Themes

Based on the topics that you want to explore in your lifestyle blog, get an idea of what kind of aesthetic you are looking for in a WordPress theme. Now that you know what other features to look out for, here are 25+ Best Lifestyle WordPress Themes in 2023.

Blossom Feminine Pro

Blossom Feminine Pro

Blossom Feminine Pro is an elegant WordPress theme with a ton of performance and customization features. The theme has a distinct, feminine style that makes it perfect for lifestyle content and blogs.

Blossom Feminine Pro is an SEO-optimized theme that’s compatible with all screen sizes. This theme supports the WooCommerce plugin, allowing you to set up an online store to sell products. The theme comes with Adsense-optimized ad spaces, which help you draw more ad clicks and boost your ad revenue.

This theme comes with 16 different homepage layouts to help craft the perfect feel for your content. There are 8 header layouts to choose from and 5 blog page layouts. You also get a beautiful header banner to showcase your top posts or highlight your content categories.

Use the Featured Area to draw maximum traffic to your key pages like your About page or the Shop page.

This theme also comes with unlimited color options and 900+ Google Fonts so that you can create the right visual impact that meets your branding. The theme is fully multi-language compatible with support for WPML and Polylang plugins.

Theme DetailsDemo



Sarada is a versatile WordPress theme for your personal blog or website. The theme is designed with unique elements to showcase your content attractively. Sarada is also an excellent choice if you want to sell products through your website.

This theme is SEO-optimized and comes with Schema integration, which allows search engines to understand your content better. The theme is compatible with the WooCommerce plugin for setting up an online store. There are prebuilt shop sections, and you can even attach specific shop items along with your blog posts.

The theme also comes with Adsense optimized advertisement spaces that can help you generate more ad clicks.

You also get social media integration along with gorgeous full-width Instagram feeds to showcase your social media posts.

Sarada also offers you an attractive Featured Area with a slider, where you can place your key links, like your About page, Shop page, or even your Instagram profile link.

The theme has a dynamic look with its unique section layouts. You also get some great layout options, including 12 homepage layouts, 6 single post layouts, and 12 archive layouts.

Theme DetailsDemo

Blossom Fashion Pro

Blossom Fashion Pro

Blossom Fashion Pro is an elegant theme with a chic design. This theme works for fashion, lifestyle, and wellness blogs. This theme has many customization options and comes bundled with all the features you need to build a successful blog or website.

Set up an online store using the WooCommerce plugin. The theme also comes with prebuilt shop sections. You can reach an international audience with the WPML and Polylang plugins.

The widgets also have a distinct design that gives this theme a unique look. You can generate new leads using the newsletter subscription forms. Social media integration is also possible including the Instagram feed.

The theme comes with an eye-catching featured area, where you can place your key links like your About page or your Instagram profile link. You can highlight different things in the full-page banner, including your latest posts, your post categories, or specific pages.

Customization is easy with 900+ Google fonts and numerous layout options. Choose from 8 header layouts, 5 blog page layouts, and 14 homepage layouts.

Theme DetailsDemo

Vilva Pro

Vilva Pro

Vilva Pro is a super versatile WordPress theme with a sleek, trendy design perfectly suited for lifestyle blogs and websites. You can use its large number of layout options to create a unique website. The theme even comes with several prebuilt demos for different blog topics like Fashion and Parenting.

This theme is WooCommerce compatible, allowing you to start an online store. There are several advertisement settings to help you manage advertisements. Google Analytics is also included so that you can keep track of your website performance to formulate new strategies.

Visitors to your website can comment on your post and even share your posts on their social media profiles.

You can also use a top bar to fulfill key functions — place your social media links, contact information, or a Call-to-Action button to draw visitors to the desired page.

You can even choose to place a newsletter form in the banner section.

The theme allows you a large number of layout choices. There are 19 header layouts, 11 banner layouts, 48 layouts each for the blog page and archive page, and 7 single post layouts.

Theme DetailsDemo

Chic Pro

Chic Pro WordPress Theme

Chic Pro is an elegant, classy WordPress theme with a dynamic design that allows you to showcase your content in eye-catching ways. This is a photo-first theme that emphasizes post previews’ featured images, resulting in an attractive look and feel.

This is a fully responsive theme with an SEO-friendly design. You can customize it easily with a collection of 900+ Google Fonts, unlimited color options, and various layout options for key areas like 24 homepage layouts, 7 header layouts, 7 single-post, and 4 Featured Posts layouts.

The theme supports WooCommerce, allowing you to set up an online store on your website. There are various pre-defined ad spots across this theme that are strategically determined to generate more clicks and boost your ad revenue.

There is a beautiful header banner to make the perfect first impression among new visitors. You can showcase your star posts in this sliding banner or use a video background for a more immersive user experience.

Chic Pro also supports social media integration with a beautiful full-width Instagram section. You can flaunt your Instagram posts directly on your website and attract more followers to your social media profile.

There are also strategically placed newsletter forms to help increase your subscribers’ count.

Theme DetailsDemo

Blossom Coach Pro

Blossom Coach Pro

Blossom Coach Pro is a WordPress theme built for promoting coaching businesses. It has a clean and highly readable design and comes with ample sections to showcase your services and brand.

This theme is WooCommerce compatible to enable online transactions. The theme comes with specific sections to help you showcase your business and inform visitors, like a Success Stories section, Events section, and Pricing section. The theme even includes a prebuilt shop section to sell products online.

You can place Testimonials to display comments and recommendations from happy clients. The theme also includes a Call-to-Action section to draw visitors to the desired page.

A full-page banner with a large newsletter subscription form comes in handy to build your mailing list.

The theme also comes with a top bar, where you can place key information like your contact information and social media profile links for easy reference.

Theme DetailsDemo

Blossom Studio Pro

Blossom Studio Pro WordPress Theme

Blossom Studio Pro is a powerful theme for wellness and dance studios, with various theme elements and landing page templates to promote your blog or business ventures. This theme has an elegant, spacious design that is super distinct. It lends itself to personal branding and leaves a lasting image among the visitors. 

This is an SEO-optimized theme, which helps give a head start in your search engine journey. It also comes with Schema.org integration which helps search engines understand your content better and rank it in more relevant ways. 

Blossom Studio Pro comes with an expansive 21-section homepage that aids you greatly in your branding. There are multiple information sections and areas where you can highlight your content and various other products and services you may have, such as your ebooks and consultation services. 

The theme comes with multiple CTA sections that you can use to draw visitors to key areas of your lifestyle website. You also get eye-catching newsletter sections to increase your social media followers.

You can integrate your social media profiles to this website too. Blossom Studio Pro supports social media feeds as well, and you can showcase posts from your Instagram page directly on your website. This is useful for attracting visitors to your Instagram page and increasing your social media followers.

This theme is easily customizable as well, with a collection of 1000+ Google fonts, unlimited color options, and layout options for key areas such as the header banner. You can also use the Elementor or Gutenberg plugins to make easy drag-and-drop customizations to your site layout.

Theme DetailsDemo

Kalon Pro

Kalon Pro

Kalon Pro is an excellent theme for content-rich lifestyle blogs. Its effective style makes it a great WordPress theme. The theme also has a few different layout options to help you create the right feel for your website.

This is a fully responsive WordPress theme with ad management settings to help you boost your ad revenue with the right ad placement strategies. Kalon Pro also supports WooCommerce if you want to set up an online store.

This theme comes with 12 different widgets, including options to display your social media posts from Facebook, Flickr, and Instagram. They can come in handy if you want to attract visitors to your social media profiles.

You also get an advanced options panel to make any changes. Use the advanced typography options to set a distinct look for your text blocks. You can also create the desired feel for your website with 6 homepage layouts and 10 header layouts.

Theme DetailsDemo

Rishi Theme

Rishi Core Web Vital Optimized WP Theme

Rishi Theme is an elegant, fast, and multipurpose theme that offers much-needed features for your lifestyle blog. This theme features numerous ready-made website templates which can be imported with just one click to get your website up and running.

The theme is optimized for both speed and performance. With a 100% speed score and an unbeatable load time of less than half a second, Rishi Theme makes sure your travel blog performs valiantly on all popular web browsers. Moreover, the theme includes mobile-friendly and SEO-optimized design to ensure optimal performance across all major search engines. 

Since the theme supports popular WordPress page building and designing tools like Elementor and Gutenberg, you can easily design and customize your lifestyle website. Similarly, you can tweak the necessary changes to your blog using different color choices and over 1000 Google fonts.  

Additionally, this core vital optimized theme supports the popular WooCommerce plugin. Using this feature, you can easily transform your website into an online shop and sell your products and services.

Theme DetailsDemo

Blossom Floral Pro

Blossom Floral Pro Blogging WordPress Theme

Blossom Floral Pro is a multipurpose WordPress theme with a responsive and highly customizable layout. Its elegant design and modern features make it a perfect choice for lifestyle, travel, fashion, food, fitness, and other blogging niches.

With just a single click on the mouse, you can install the demo content of this theme to get your lifestyle blog up and running. In addition, it comes with multiple pre-made layout options, allowing you to build a website that highlights your content.

If you’re not convinced with the default theme color, you can easily tweak it to your preference, as this theme offers multiple color options. Moreover, this theme offers advanced typography features with over 1000 Google fonts to bring the best out of your website.

Blossom Floral Pro is optimized for high-speed and search engines. It prioritizes optimum performance and fast page loading to ensure the best browsing experience. Likewise, this theme features the best SEO codes to help you dominate all the search engine platforms.

If you’re willing to make money through your lifestyle blog, Blossom Floral Pro is the real deal. It has multiple Google AdSense-optimized advertisement spots. You can take advantage of these strategically-placed ads spots to display several ads, increase click-through rate, and maximize your earning.

Moreover, Blossom Floral Pro is compatible with the WooCommerce shop plugin, allowing you to promote and sell lifestyle products directly on your website.

Theme DetailsDemo

Blossom Magazine Pro

Blossom Magazine Pro Theme

Blossom Magazine Pro is a multipurpose WordPress theme that fits all website niches. It combines stunning visuals and top features to help you start a lifestyle blog.

Getting started with Blossom Magazine Pro is a breeze. You can use the one-click importer to import the pre-built demo content, settings, and layouts without hassle. Moreover, it supports both Elementor and Gutenberg Editor. Thus, you can get creative and build your templates right from scratch.

Blossom Magazine Pro offers solid customization. It combines 1000+ Google Fonts, custom color settings, and advanced typography control. You can tweak these settings as per your preference and add a personal touch to your website.

Besides, this lifestyle WordPress theme ensures top performance and faster loading speed. This will enhance user convenience and browsing experience on your lifestyle website. Likewise, Blossom Magazine Pro has built-in SEO and Schema features. With this, your website will rank higher on search engines and boost website traffic.

To monetize your lifestyle blog, Blossom Magazine Pro has dedicated Google Adsense advertisement areas. You can display various ads on your blog and boost your revenue. Moreover, this theme is WooCommerce ready. You can use this plugin to build and manage a full-fledged online store and sell your merchandise.

Theme DetailsDemo



Astra is a multipurpose WordPress theme that you can use for any kind of website. It comes with over 150 premade templates, which you can use to create a beautiful website quickly. These templates are built with popular page builders like Elementor and Gutenberg and cover everything from food bloggers to vloggers.

This theme is also a great choice if you want to sell products to your readers, as it integrates very well with WooCommerce. The theme is only 50KB in size, which means that your site will load extremely quickly. This is important as faster loading times increase your conversion rate and improve your location in Google search results.

You can add social icons without using a third-party plugin, which makes linking to your social media sites super easy. Plus, Astra is integrated with Schema, making it easier for search engines to find your content.

Astra is also completely customizable using a drag-and-drop interface. You can create a header or footer, change colors and fonts, choose from masonry, list, or grid layouts, and more – all without writing any code.

Theme DetailsDemo

Blossom Pin Pro

Blossom Pin Pro

Blossom Pin Pro is a Pinterest-style WordPress theme with a feminine aesthetic. The intuitive, Pinterest-style layout gives it an edge in content presentation. Visitors can explore topics with ease if you use this theme, especially with the infinite scroll option. This theme is a great choice if you want to emphasize images.

This theme comes with WooCommerce compatibility as well as Adsense optimized advertisement spots to help boost your ad revenue.

Blossom Pin Pro has great support for social media integration. Besides social shares and post like options, you can also place a Pinterest Pin It button, which allows visitors to easily pin your post images to their Pinterest profiles with a single click. You can also showcase your Instagram post with a full-width Instagram feed.

You also get a great carousel-style header banner that allows you to display a good number of posts simultaneously. The sticky header menu is also a great function that improves user navigation, making visitors more likely to keep scrolling.

You get a number of layouts to experiment with and create the ideal feel for your website. These include 6 header layouts, 8 banner slider layouts, 6 blog post layouts, and 18 unique homepage layouts.

Theme DetailsDemo

Elegant Pink Pro

Elegant Pink Pro

Elegant Pink Pro is a simple and elegant feminine WordPress theme that works great for lifestyle-related content. The theme is used by over 3000 female bloggers and offers a slew of features that cover all the bases to help you create the perfect website.

This SEO-optimized theme comes with multiple ad placement areas to help you generate ad revenue. You can also integrate your social media profile to your website with this theme.

It is a translation-ready theme with support for right-to-left scripts so that you can easily localize your website to fit your region.

Use the advanced slider options to create the perfect header slider and highlight the desired pages. If community feedback is important for you, this theme also supports the Contact Form 7 plugin.

The theme also comes with a collection of shortcodes, allowing you to place any necessary elements on your website with ease. Simply copy and paste the prewritten line of code to add new website elements.

At the same time, the theme offers you 6 homepage layouts to create the right look for your website.

Theme DetailsDemo

Blossom Travel Pro

Blossom Travel Pro

Blossom Travel Pro is a dynamic WordPress theme with a distinct, memorable design. This theme is built especially for female travel bloggers. Its numerous content sections and a solid set of features make it quite versatile.

A sleek design combined with gorgeous typography and varied content layouts makes for a powerful combination, excellent for lifestyle blogs.

This theme has a prebuilt Affiliate section to promote affiliate products for additional revenue. You also get a Shop section, where you can sell products using the WooCommerce plugin. Google Analytics integration is useful to keep track of your website performance.

You can use content sections like a Logo section to showcase your media coverage. A Gallery section with a masonry grid style layout also creates an attractive look and engages visitors.

You also get a top bar with a Call-to-Action button, useful for drawing visitors to key pages. You can also place key links in the sliding featured section, like your About page.

This theme has 17 different homepage sections with an attractive design that can be used to showcase your content and build your brand. You can easily rearrange the homepage sections to suit your needs.

Theme DetailsDemo



Gillion is a modular theme with an elegant aesthetic. This theme is powered by the WPBakery Page Builder plugin and comes with 50+ modular elements that you can combine to build your custom layouts.

The theme is compatible with WooCommerce for setting up an online store. You can use the MailChimp plugin to set up newsletter subscription forms to generate new leads.

Gillion also supports Google Analytics, an important tool to keep track of your website performance.

You get this theme with the demo images, allowing you to get started with your website immediately. A collection of 15+ theme templates are also helpful in giving you a quick start.

Social media integration features also include Instagram feed which makes for engaging content.

Theme DetailsDemo



Noemi is a WordPress theme with a distinct, artistic feel that is perfect for lifestyle websites. The theme comes with 10+ unique blog layouts to help your content stand out from the rest.

This theme allows you to post in multiple formats from the standard text format to video, audio, and even gallery. You can even embed videos from different video streaming sites, including Vimeo, Youtube, and Dailymotion.

The theme is translation-ready with support for right-to-left scripts, such as Arabic. You can also use the Contact Form 7 to place contact forms for readers who want to get in touch with you.

You can also place Facebook and Instagram feeds on your website to showcase your social media posts.

The theme also lends itself readily to customization with unlimited colors and 600+ Google Fonts.

Theme DetailsDemo



Piemont is another incredible WordPress theme that can be customized quite easily to build your desired feel. The theme comes with a couple of different prebuilt website templates. You also get some useful widgets to extend the functionality of the theme.

The theme comes with the MailChimp plugin so that you can set up newsletter forms to build your mailing list. The theme is compatible with the WPML plugin, giving you multi-language capability.

This theme comes with an extensive theme control panel that gives you great control over your website elements. You can choose from over 20 header layouts, 5 blog layouts, and more through the theme options.

There is also a featured area with 4 different layouts. It can help you highlight your key links. The lightbox function allows visitors to peruse your photo posts, free of distraction.

Theme DetailsDemo

Fashion Diva

Fashion Diva

Fashion Diva is a child theme of the Blossom Fashion theme. It has a standard yet very effective way of organizing your content, pleasing the eyes. The theme comes with 20 custom widgets along with an unlimited sidebar option to extend your website functionality.

Fashion Diva supports WooCommerce and comes with prebuilt shop sections to sell products. The theme also allows you to place advertisements to gain ad revenue.

This is also a translation-ready theme so that you can easily localize it to your relevant language. Using the detailed typography and slider options, you can set up a distinct text style to draw the audience and also define the suitable animation for your banner slider.

In fact, the banner is a great location to highlight your key links. You can place your article categories or your top articles there, or even specify specific articles to highlight.

The theme also comes with a newsletter function, allowing you to build your mailing list and generate new leads.

Theme DetailsDemo



Buzz is a WordPress theme with an elegant and vibrant design. This theme comes with 15 unique demos and numerous layout options to change the feel of your website. The theme is equipped with features to give visitors great user experience.

This theme also includes social media features, including social media feed for a few different websites like Instagram, as well as post sharing functions.

Buzz also supports WPML to give you easy multi-language features. At the same time, you can use an integrated translation panel to translate your main texts to your local language.

You get a live search function to help visitors sort through your content. The mega menu feature adds to the user experience with large and stylized menu items.

Buzz comes with icon sets from Fontello and Font Awesome to help set your website apart with catchy icons. The theme also includes 40 shortcodes, allowing you to add website elements with a single line of code.

Theme DetailsDemo



MagPlus is a blog and magazine theme with a modular design. You can build a unique website with this theme using a collection of 160+ elements.

This theme is compatible with WooCommerce and also supports Google Adsense, so you can place ads on your website for ad revenue.

AMP makes this theme very responsive and also faster on mobile devices. At the same time, you get a custom cache system that also boosts loading speed.

This is a WPML compatible theme that supports RTL scripts, like Arabic.

MagPlus also comes with 6+ premium plugins to extend your functionality, including Social Jumbo Pack to give you social media integration features. Alongside that, you get the Visual Composer page builder plugin to customize your layout.

The theme is also compatible with Gutenberg and Elementor page builders so that you get your options for layout customizations.

A collection of 40+ demos are ready for one-click install. You basically get unlimited layouts with MagPlus to build your signature website.

Theme DetailsDemo



Matilda has a simple, elegant design and works best for blogs like personal, lifestyle, and even photography. This theme is responsive and has a fast loading speed.

This is a WooCommerce compatible theme that comes with pre built shop pages so that you can get started with your online store right away.

This theme features a full-page banner with a CTA button so that you can highlight certain pages, like your most recent posts. The theme also comes with useful widgets, including an Author Bio so that your introduction is displayed in the sidebar on all pages.

You can also display your social media links in a dedicated section. Visitors can share your posts on their social media as well.

This theme supports the Contact Form 7 plugin if you want to create a contact form for your readers to get in touch with you. Matilda is also translation-ready so that you can easily localize your website.

You also get 8 different homepage layouts to organize your content in the best way.

Theme DetailsDemo


Minimalistblogger WordPress Theme

It’s a minimalistic theme designed for bloggers. The design consists mainly of borders, which allows your images and content to be in focus.

The theme is developed by SuperbThemes who specializes in fast and search engine optimized WordPress themes. If you’re considering building a blog where your main audience comes from Google search results, then this theme is a great choice for you.

It comes with color customization, multiple layouts, and customizable fonts. There’s demo content available, so you don’t have to start from scratch. There’s a free and paid version of Minimalistblogger.

It works with all popular page builders such as Elementor, Beaver Builder, and more. It’s compatible with pretty much any plugin you can think of, which allows you to use the theme for most purposes.

Theme DetailsDemo



Followers is an excellent WordPress theme for bloggers and social media influencers. This theme puts emphasis on photos with large post thumbnails. This theme also makes for a great portfolio website.

This theme comes with prebuilt ad spots that merge really well with the rest of the content. Besides the main homepage area, you can also showcase your posts with widgets, such as Latest Posts.

There are 16 different widgets to give you the required functionality. You get newsletter forms to build your own mailing list and to generate new leads.

The theme comes with 600+ Google fonts so that you can easily personalize this theme to suit your needs. You also get 2 sidebar layouts and 3 blog layouts to present your content in the best way.

You can get started with this theme immediately as it includes the one-click demo import function.

Theme DetailsDemo

Blossom Chic

Blossom Chic

Blossom Chic is a child theme of the Blossom Fashion theme and has a distinct aesthetic that can set your website apart from the rest. This theme comes with 12 custom widgets to help you get started with the necessary features.

This theme supports WooCommerce, which is helpful for setting up an online store. Blossom Chic is super responsive and also optimized for SEO.

You get some useful tools, including a newsletter form to build your mailing list. You also get an attractive full-width Instagram feed, which can be helpful to engage visitors and increase followers. You can also display posts from your Snapchat, Twitter, and Pinterest profiles.

The theme is translation-ready with support for RTL scripts. You can choose between three sidebar layouts to create the right look for your website. There are also some great color options so that you can personalize this theme to meet your branding needs.

Theme DetailsDemo



Marni has a minimal, artistic design that works well for lifestyle blogs. This theme comes with a number of different layout options for the key areas and allows you to organize your content in the best way.

This theme allows you to fully customize a featured area to highlight desired pages and links. You can build your custom look for your page to present even grids or masonry grid layouts, among others.

Place your social media links at the top bar for easy reference. The theme offers 4 archive page layouts. You also get 8 single post layouts and 20+ options to set up your header.

You can choose a custom size of your post thumbnails to change the feel of your website. The Instagram feed feature is also useful to showcase your social media posts and attract more visitors to your social media profiles.

Marni comes with 800+ Google fonts and 2 different icon packs, giving you great options for personalization.

Theme DetailsDemo



Baloo is a minimal theme for blogs with an engaging design. This theme allows each element to pop and creates a seamless browsing experience with its large sidebar design and compelling typography.

This theme actually comes with 5 different blog layouts from list layout to masonry and mixed layouts. With the right layout, you can present your content in a dynamic and attractive way.

You also get 4 layouts for the featured posts section in the homepage. A masonry-style header banner also adds an element of sophistication.

Baloo also includes an off-canvas sidebar which makes browsing easier. You can display your introduction in the sidebar in all pages alongside your signature for a personal touch.

This theme also comes with an Instagram footer to draw visitors to your Instagram page and increase your online following. This theme can be incorporated easily as it includes the one-click demo import function.

Theme DetailsDemo



Kloe has a classy vibe with its minimal design and bold typography. This theme comes with a collection of readymade templates for various uses, from online stores to portfolio websites. Its distinctive style makes this theme a perfect choice for lifestyle websites.

This theme comes with the WooCommerce plugin to give you shop features. You also get a dropdown cart feature, which is useful for visiting customers.

This theme comes with multiple header and post layouts. Seamless hover animations add to the elegance and you get video and parallax background features to engage the visitors even more.

A collection of 6 different icon packs help you set your website apart with unique icons. Kloe is also compatible with the WPML plugin for multi-language features.

This theme comes with the WPBakery Page Builder plugin to give you easy drag and drop customization capability.

Theme DetailsDemo



Trendion has a sleek design with a feature set that makes it quite versatile. You get a number of different widgets, offering many possibilities for visitors to explore.

The theme comes with a sticky menu feature, which is great for navigation and improves user experience. You also get a mega menu, which allows stylized menu items to increase visitor engagement.

You can use the parallax background effect to engage the visitors even more with a 3D effect while scrolling. Showcase your Instagram posts using a dedicated widget to increase your online following.

This theme is also multi-language, allowing you to extend your audience base beyond linguistic barriers.

Trendion supports many different plugins, including MailChimp for newsletter subscription functions and the Booked plugin, which allows businesses to manage their appointments online.

Google Maps integration is useful if you want to display your office location or the places you have traveled to as a blogger.

Theme DetailsDemo



Lavander is useful if you want a simple blog theme that emphasizes content. This theme has a fresh style that is great for building a lifestyle blog.

This theme comes with the Essential Grid plugin which allows you to make grids with a great deal of control. It is a useful tool for organizing your content, especially if your blog is more photo-oriented.

The theme actually supports different post types, including video, gallery, audio, and links. You can also place your social media links in the top bar for greater visibility.

An attractive header banner engages the visitors. You can place Call-to-Action links in the banner to draw visitors to the desired pages.

Lavender also comes with 6 pre built website templates so that you have a few choices for your layout as well.

Theme DetailsDemo



Authentic is a WordPress theme with a trendy design and a ton of features to help you set up any kind of website. This theme also comes with a host of customization features to allow you to create a truly unique website.

This theme is compatible with the WPML plugin for multi-language features. You can build your mailing list using the MailChimp plugin as well.

The Powerkit plugin supports a number of functions for this theme, including social media integration, shortcodes, post views feature, and more.

It also comes with 50 website templates and 40 post layouts to allow you to create your unique website. You can even enable a floating share bar for mobile visitors.

The theme comes equipped with the Advanced Popups plugin so that you can present newsletter forms and other information to visitors using pop-up windows.

This is a super customizable personal blog theme that comes with the Canvas page builder plugin. You also get 50 pre built website templates as well as 40 post layouts to basically create your ideal website.

Theme DetailsDemo



Shasta is a simple blog theme that has all you need to start your lifestyle blog. It is minimal yet carries a distinct feel that can carry your content with grace.

This theme is fully compatible with the WooCommerce plugin so that you can start an online store within your website. Built upon the Bootstrap framework, this theme is also very responsive to all screen sizes.

This theme supports different post types, including music, videos, galleries, and even podcasts so that you can branch out into different content types and talk about your interests freely.

Social media integration features include Instagram feed as well. You also get a parallax background, which can help engage visitors with its 3D scrolling effect.

This theme lends itself well to customization with unlimited color options and hundreds of Google fonts to personalize your website.

Theme DetailsDemo



Bgor comes with a crisp and spacious design that gets the job done with a minimal approach. This theme comes with a few basic layout options and support for a few media streaming services to allow posting in multiple formats.

You can place advertisements on your website with this theme to generate ad revenue.

Bgor also supports different post formats and supports media embedding from Youtube, Vimeo, and Soundcloud.

This is also a translation-ready theme so that you can easily localize it to your relevant language.

This theme has catchy hover animation for images, especially noticeable in the carousel banner. A sticky header banner also helps visitors navigate your website better.

A collection of Font Awesome icons also helps to set a distinct look using the many unique icons.

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Sølvi is built upon a warm color palette and has a look that works great for blogs, like parenting, lifestyle, food, and more. The theme uses some eclectic layouts combined with catchy hover animations to engage the visitors.

This theme comes with six different blog layouts from list style to grids. You can also use the parallax effect with this theme to engage visitors.

Sølvi supports six different post types, including image, gallery, video, and audio. You can showcase your posts with widgets, such as Latest Posts.

You can also display your Instagram feed in three different layouts, including slideshow, slider, and grid.

This theme also comes with the child theme feature, which allows you to update your main theme while having a backup theme to keep your website running. You can easily translate this theme into your local language as well.

Theme DetailsDemo

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can I set up an online store on my lifestyle blog?

WooCommerce is the most popular WordPress plugin for setting up an e-commerce website. It has a market share of 28.24% in 2020 according to this Statista report. The themes listed in this article support the WooCommerce plugin and you can use this tool for free.

How do I modify my theme to ensure that it meets my branding?

If you have a specific brand style to reflect on your lifestyle website, then you should choose a theme with the right customization features. While layout customization options are important to organize your content in the right way, the visual aesthetic of a website is also determined by the font and colors used. 

Themes like Sarada, Blossom Fashion Pro, and Vilva Pro all come with unlimited color choices and 900+ Google Font choices.

How can I increase my online following?

You can share your lifestyle content to your readers in other ways to keep them engaged. Choose a theme with attractive newsletter forms to regularly email your content to your mailing list. You also need a theme with social media integration. This ensures that visitors interested in your content can follow you on your social media profiles and get regular updates on your activities.

Which WordPress Theme is the Best For You?

If you want a WordPress theme with a distinct style and a strong feature set, then Sarada is the one for you. You can easily personalize this theme with its collection of 900+ Google fonts and unlimited colors. At the same time, it is also optimized for the best SEO performance.

Vilva Pro is another theme with an elegant, feminine style that’s perfect for female lifestyle bloggers. This theme comes with a large collection of layouts so that you have countless customization options. It has a dynamic design that is sure to stand out and the theme covers all your bases with features, like WooCommerce and newsletter forms.


The best lifestyle WordPress themes come with vibrant visual aesthetics that can engage the visitors and create a mood that suits the particular blog’s niche. Yet, to run a successful blog one must choose a theme that includes other features. You need a personalized style with effective marketing tools to attract more traffic. All of these themes come with great design and are bundled with effective features to help you get a good start on your lifestyle blog.

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