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Customer Stories

Ines Vinas
Inés Viñas
Nutritionist and Psychologist
What really made me love Blossom Themes was the people behind them. I would never, ever, in a million years, could have asked for better customer service.
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Tammy Letherer
Award Winning Author and Writing Coach
Working with someone who was enthusiastic about my website and genuinely seemed to care that my needs were met was amazing. It feels like a real partnership and I am confident that any questions or problems I have will be addressed.
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Luaxana Delvalle
Digital Creator (1.11 million YouTube Subscribers)
Besides how easy it is to use and customize and the amazing support, my followers love the design of the theme in general. And I think that's the best part of all. I like it, it's fancy and classy, and my followers like it too!
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Mariela Pineda
Mariela Pineda
23-year-old KCL graduate
Super easy to make an amazing-looking website without worrying too much about the technical steps to get there.
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Tania Pendarakis
Small Business Owner
Once I started using Blossom Themes I stopped using themes by any other company. I appreciate the products and the knowledgeable, professional workforce at Blossom Themes.
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Kasia Kalemba
Travel Blogger and Full-time Scientist
Blossom Themes is a unique product because it meets every professional's needs. As a travel blogger, I needed a theme that combines beautiful design and allows me to create a solid resource for my users.
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Sera Hayasi
Counselor and Healer Therapist
This has been great using Blossom Themes so far. I could build very nice-looking websites without any professional skills, also the support is wonderful.
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Lana Walker
Holistic Message Therapist
Choice of themes, cost effectiveness, and superb customer service, which is why I bought my second theme from them.
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Nicole Ellis
Certified Professional Dog Trainer
The designs were clean, beautiful and easy to navigate. What I didn't know is how great the customer service is! 5 stars!
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Ashleigh Whaley
Qualified Farmer and Teacher
Once I had purchased the theme I then realised that the support was excellent and was able to get the help I required to make my blog look amazing.
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Amy Gatto
Amy Gatto
A food blogger who loves sharing her delicious recipes
I appreciate their hard work and dedication to customer service. Their friendliness and knowledge are top-notch.
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A part-time blogger and founder of My Slow World
Thanks to their great customer support and minimal yet stylish theme, I have been able to promote my website easily everywhere.
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Laura Volpi
Laura Volpi
A lifestyle blogger who loves sharing personal experiences
Blossom themes offer a detailed range of themes covering every business activity. Careful and customizable details.
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Teresa Maria
Teresa Maria
Social Marketing Professional
Blossom Themes made it possible for me, a complete beginner in website design, to build a beautiful and functional website, which has gathered a lot of praise.
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Pernille Fonnesbech Sandberg
Pernille Fonnesbech – Sandberg
A Life & Stress Coach
Blossom Themes is a very professional company, where you get high-class end service and very beautiful templates.
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Customer Stories: Jannie Ellebo
Jannie Ellebo
Fashion Designer
I have been in contact with your support several times and always get a fast and competent answer.
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Customer Stories Tannie Evans
Tammie Evans
A blogger who loves to share her inspiring journey
Blossom Themes are wonderful; their themes are beautiful, tech support is fantastic and the overall user experience with the theme
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Christina Gavrilas Pearson
Christina Gavrilas Pearson
Travel blogger and Photographer
Without a doubt, the customer service is #1. We wouldn't have reached where we are today without your exceptional customer service.
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Super theme, super layout

We discovered Blossom Themes via WordPress. We were very surprised and became VERY GLAD when we saw the beautiful themes they make. Not only fantastic layouts, but every theme includes also a lot of utilities to build a fantastic website.
And above all, they have a great service: our (2) questions were answered within 24 hours. GREAT!

We can/will surely recommend Blossom Themes!

PS: we use Blossom Floral Pro with lifetime updates and support.

The best themes and customer support ever!

I cannot stress enough how happy I am with getting a blossom theme! The website is fast and responsive, the theme is amazing and easy to use & navigate, and the customer support is the best I have ever experienced. They always reply fast and help with any request I have. I would give Blossom Themes 10 stars if I could. Thanks so much for all your hard work! Ivana x

Fantastic Support

I am using the Recipe Pro software, and it's so easy to use. Support is amazing, and they are always quick to answer any questions that I have. Ashish has been wonderful. Highly recommend!

Review of Vilva Pro Travel Theme

I purchased the Vilva Pro Travel Theme with the Installation and Setup Service. I will preface this to say that I am terrible with anything techy. My brain is simply not wired to do this sort of thing and I made a complete mess of my website before purchasing this theme and already had a lot of content on it.
Ashish patiently walked me through each step to back up my work, so he could do the setup and install service. I made some errors, and again, he walked me through each step. My website is stunning now and ready for me to begin adding my content. Everything works as it should.
I have more websites I need to start and I will purchase from Blossom Themes, again. They have become my website angels and are so kind and helpful. They have created many beautiful themes with loads of features to choose from.
Now, I can get back to creating content.
Thank you!

Support from Ashish Jha has been perfect

Ashish has helped me navigate through Seva Wordpress, without his support I wouldn't have been able to build my website and use all the features. Not only has Ashish been super helpful, but he is also very kind and patient: he has answered all my questions (a lot of them) in a swift and professional manner. Thanks so much, Ashish, I would recommend your services to anyone!


Hello, I'm an italian travel blogger and after some online research I found Blossom Theme and it was a lucky day!! I found the best theme ever (Sarada) with all the features I was looking for. Simple, clean, minimal, elegant and very modern. I have a travel blog and this theme has everything you need. So easy for readers to navigate, super easy to use even for beginners. It already has everything you need basic, but with a simple additional CSS you can implement many functions and customize your site completely. Not to mention the really punctual, patient and perfect assistance. They provided me with the necessary code to customize my site in a very short time, they satisfied my every request (and there were many) and they never made me feel lost. With patience and kindness, for about a month they helped me create the site of my dreams. The site is really easy to use thanks to the additional CSS which is an easy way to customize it without the need for experts. I recommend Blossom Theme themes to everyone because you won't regret it. Beautiful and functional themes and the best support ever !!! Thanks Blossom Theme and thanks especially to Alina who supported me day after day until the end of the site (and is always available for anything).


I have had the Vilva Pro theme for about 1 month and I am still in awe how amazing it is!

For 2 years I have been blogging and had headaches with poor customer service and theme issues from other companies.

Blossom Themes by far has exceeded my expectations. All other themes have slowed my site speed down. I have paid professionals to assist with speed, changed hosting, and much more to improve site speed. Since changing to Blossom Themes my site speed went from 4-5 seconds (best anyone could get it with other themes) to 523ms-1.20 seconds. From improving my site speed my page views have doubled and some days tripled along with my bounce rate has dropped significantly.

Also using this theme my site health went from a poor 98 up to 79 which is sooooo much better.

I get nothing but compliments about my site. It's clean, professional, and super easy for my visitors to navigate.

New blogger or not this is the best theme out there especially to help with site speed, site health, and navigation. I WISH I KNEW ABOUT THEM SOONER!

Amazing customer service and theme. Don't delay purchase their themes now!

Amazing theme!

Travel Pro is amazing for someone who wants their blog to look stylish but still be SEO-friendly and functional! I love the features it gives, especially the home page and destination setting. If you're stuck, their documentation walks you through everything in written and video formats. Reaching out to customer service always ends in a friendly and helpful interaction as well. If you're deciding between themes, you certainly won't be disappointed with the Blossom company :)

Blogging Made FUN! Functional | Beautiful | Simple

After about 5 years of blogging and blog creating, this was the first theme I've actually purchased-- it was marketed that well! But more importantly, it lived up to my standards and every marketing ploy used to sell it to me!

I started off with Sarada Lite (the free version) in WordPress, which is great. I didn't even realize there was a pro version until I actually came to the Blossom Themes website and saw all of their beautiful themes. Once I got a look at the Sarada pro demo, I knew I wanted it.

I've had it for about three months now (Since December 2020). Words do not do the customer service justice. I appreciate the patience and willingness to help from development and technical support. They are responsive, and they give clear instructions. They are truly the best part of this experience. I'm the type of shopper who values experience over product, so believe me when I say the experience makes this worth the purchase!

My stats have improved, site responsiveness is better, and the amazing features are really a no-brainer. I haven't experienced any hiccups (that are the fault of the theme or it's creators). The documentation makes customization VERY simple. Overall, having this theme has made my work blogging FUN. One of the best aspects of this theme is that it's truly already coded with your desires in mind from layout, colors, to default pages and filler content (like graphics).

My faves:

- detailed personalization
- shop page (woo commerce integration)
- layout versatility (the main reason I upgraded to pro)

I have everything I want in a theme and I do zero coding!

I highly recommend this theme. I get bummed when people compliment my site and I have to tell them that I didn't create it myself, but I do love crediting Blossom Themes for every inch of the amazing experience gifted from being their customer.

Saved A Bundle of $$$$

I am a novice when it comes to websites. When I first contacted support, I had no idea what to expect. Support to some companies seems to be just one more way to milk the customer. That’s not what I found here. I purchased a product, and these folks wanted to make sure I knew how to use it, not only providing instructions, but at appropriate times actually doing the work. It’s given my site unlimited opportunities.

It’s made me more confident in working on my sites and established a good rapport with my support contact.

Thank you, Subham Tamang.

The best theme (and support) I've ever wished for my website

Honestly, I've never seen a theme that is as great as the themes that Blossom offers.. I mean, the design is so cool, their website is pure beauty, and their support is really AWESOME.

I would like to mention Nabin Jaiswal and Alina Ghale who really perfectly answered to my questions, and even have gone beyond.

I had some issues these days, and I got them fixed thanks to those really amazing persons. I'm new to wordpress so I've been through stuff that I don't know, and they explained me everything in a really clear way (that's a rare quality).

So..I definitely recommend blossom themes to everyone who's looking for a beautiful website design + a talented and joyful support! :)

So let me say thank you again, Alina and Nabin.



Vandana is a fantastic theme. I am in love of my new site!

Two years ago, I found Blossom and immediately settled on the Pro Blossom Coach theme. For me, it was the perfect theme to develop my practice as a Health and Life Coach online. However, the Vandana theme recently came up, and I was ready to update my site. Nabin gave me a tour of the new theme's features, and I loved it. So, right away, we started preparing for the transition. Nabin provided excellent service, and today my website is a dream come true. I am incredibly proud and happy to have worked with Blossom Themes. I am now a member of the club and have all the benefits, including technical assistance and support. If you are a coach like me, this is the best theme of all! But there are more themes to suit any need. I highly recommend Blossom Themes, and it comes with excellent customer service.

Much Love to Blossom Themes ❤

It's been a week since I purchased my Blossom Theme: Travel Pro and i'm pretty happy using it. Words can't express how delighted and grateful I am to the developers of this theme. There's a lot of varieties to choose from the Blossom Theme that's fit for you and mine's happened to be the Travel Pro! Loving my design! The theme is easily compatible too with WordPress and that helps me to fix and troubleshoot my website (just follow their provided Demo if you're struggling or reach out to them). Of course I'll give 5 stars for Customer Service, they're reachable and replies are always on point and direct with compassion to their customers.

Loves, if you're looking for a pinky feminine, stylish and versatile themes with excellent customer service and translation ready for our friends around the globe, my recommendation is all on Blossom Themes!


Love the Vandana theme and the excellent customer support

I recently needed to update my Wordpress website theme from the one I started with 5 years ago. After quite a search I came across the Vandana theme and knew it had the right look and the functionality I needed for my coaching website. I built my own site 5 years ago and have managed it myself, so I have some skills but no coding experience. Vandana was easy to set up with my current website's content on a staging site, and then move to production. As always wit something new, there were some tweaks needed and places I needed assistance. Nabin in customer support responded very quickly to all my questions and helped with guidance and fixes where needed. I love my new site, and I know my clients and potential new clients will too!

Beautifully Designed, Easy to Navigate Theme

As bloggers, we work hard to create content that wows. A great theme should complement our content by being well designed, easy to navigate, and offer helpful 'reading suggestions.' Sarada has ticked all of those boxes and much more.

At Wholeness Haven, my goal has always been to inspire others to live their best lives. Sarada has inspired me to bring out the very best in my work.

Most of all, I'd like to mention the technical support at Blossom Themes. In particular, I have been working with Nabin. His knowledge, friendly disposition, and willingness to go above and beyond are what cause me to feel so fondly about this Sarada theme. If you run into a problem with your site - knowing there is a support team to help you when you need them most is critical. Response times are blazing fast, always helpful, and top-notch.

If you are looking for excellent customer service, an easily customizable theme that stands apart from the rest, and a site you can be proud of, Sarada might just be the perfect fit for you.

Sincerely, Holly ♥ -

Excellent and useful themes, with great support

Hi, it's been a few months since we purchased themes from blossom themes, and we're very happy with them.
These are beautiful and practical themes, easy to set up.
And the support team is here to help, with technical or structural issues. They reply quickly, and are very nice. Nabin here answered all my questions and solved my problems.

Gorgeous Theme and Top Notch Support

I cannot tell you how pleased I am with my new Blossom Theme. I had a free theme installed on my site and had been dreading changing things over. I reached out to support to see if Theme Installation and Setup would cover keeping my existing content up and they were quick to respond. I purchased the package at night (EST time) and my new theme was installed and ready for me to customize the next morning. Beautiful, great documentation for working in the theme yourself, and INCREDIBLE support.

One of the smoothest themes and excellent support

Moving to Blossom themes was an easy and instant decision for me when I saw the feature-rich templates. The trial version allowed me to try out a wide range of features which gave a fairly good idea of how the features will fit in with my needs. Also, I took a lot of support help from Nabin, which has been a great relief for me. No email goes unanswered, and the response is always timely. Blossom is one of those themes that make it easy to set up your website and move on to more important things about your business. 5 stars to Nabin and team!

Best Customer Support!

I just started using wordpress which can be daunting and was very hesitant about purchasing a theme but after reading the reviews and using the free version I decided to take a chance. I absolutely do not regret it! I was having a layout issue and Nabin went out of his way to help me resolve it. He also gave me advice on an issue that I didn't even see. The themes are beautiful, professional and easy to use for someone who has no wordpress experience like myself and if you do have issues you can be assured the team will help. So happy I made this choice!

Best Theme I've Ever Used

I've been in business a lonnnnggg time. So I've had countless website designs and paid 5x this for custom designs. NOTHING compares to this theme. From the beautiful design to the amazing customer support - I couldn't have made a better choice.

I showed the site to a few colleagues (before it was even fully customized) and they're looking at Blossom Coach Pro now too. I'm really impressed with how the theme has all the sections and elements I need to highlight my products and services for my business. I didn't have to do a lot of customization because everything really is built in.

Plus I was able to integrate all the tools I use to run my business into the site via plugins (without compatibility issues!). I really can do everything I need/ want - right on my website without logging into a bunch of different sites/ platforms.

We're at the midpoint of our fiscal year and so far - Blossom Coach Pro has been the BEST investment we've made this year. (And yes, I promise I don't work for Blossom, I really am a real entrepreneur who found this beautiful theme online, and can't shut up about it.)

I could go on and on about how easy it was to set up the theme, the immediate response from customer support when I had a question, and the compliments I'm getting - but I'll stop here. I wish I could give Blossom Coach Pro 100 stars!!

Great theme and support!

This theme is worth every euro I paid. It is easy to install and to use and you've a lot of possibilities to customize it to your own style.

Also the support is super, super great!! No question is to much. Their respons is very fast and always very friendly. And they help you till the problem is solved.

So keep up the good work! :-)

Love this theme!

I really love this theme. It's easy to use, looks professional, and elevates my credibility.

Different and better than others

No one give a better support than them.
All questions that I asked have been answered and solved in less than few hours.
Even for theme customizations they are available and do their best.
I do not regret to have bought this theme (Spa Pro) with life time license ($150), the helped that I have got already (some hours from them), made me save so much hours !
I strongly recommend to work with this team, you can go head, no worries 100% sure...

Best VIP Support Ever!

The process of creating a website for the 1st time can be very intimidating and exhausting. However, with my VIP Support at Blossom Themes any issue I've encountered has been resolved. I am given a response within 24 hours and usually my question is answered the 1st time. Great customer service has been lost in today's business world, so I highly appreciate the great customer service with the purchase of my theme. I highly recommend Blossom Themes and I will definitely purchase again for my next website creation.

Thank you!
Melissa M.

Great Support

I've been running my website for over ten years, but I recently bought the Blossom Feminine Pro theme because I really liked its layout, but I had a few issues starting out. Reaching out to their support theme was fast and easy, and every single time they were able to help me get said issues sorted out. Thank you so much, great job, guys.

The service from Blossom Themes is like a breath of fresh air

My wordpress site is 10 years old. I have had various themes during this time, and recently decided again that my website needed a facelift.
By luck, I stumbled onto Blossom Themes and decided to purchase Sarada Pro. I am astonished that it was so easy to build a super professional website without any coding whatsoever. When I needed technical support, the team at Blossom Themes was on it within less than 30 minutes every single time. Every single time I logged a ticket, it was resolved fast and 100% to my satisfaction. I am amazed. In our modern world, where we all feel like just a number, the team at Blossom made me feel like a valuable customer. I will not move away from Blossom, not matter what. This is my tribe. Here I am staying.

great template and support

Very nice and well done template. Very efficient support, always available to satisfy every request

Fast and Very Helpful

I love the Coach Press Pro theme. I am semi ok at updating this web stuff, and I have made mistakes, and they help me out swiftly. So thankful, and it will look amazing once I quit messing it up! THANK YOU.

Nice themes

Great themes, SEO and performance friendly, good support.

Blossom Travel Pro Theme

In the vast and diverse world of web design, few themes can evoke the sense of adventure and wanderlust quite like the Blossom Travel Pro Theme. Its ease of customization, ease of implementing captivating imagery, intuitive navigation, and seamless functionality whisk users away on a virtual expedition, immersing them in the allure of the world's most exciting destinations. Blossom Travel Pro theme deserves high praise for its outstanding design, functionality, and user experience. Its sleek and modern aesthetics, responsive design, and intuitive navigation contribute to a seamless browsing experience for all visitors.
The creators of Blossom Travel Pro Theme have skillfully utilized this theme to help in building a powerful online presence, making it a shining example of what a well-designed website can achieve.

Awesome support service

The support team Blossom Themes are really great. They are knowledgeable, courteous and professional. I have had interactions with three of their team members. Sheila, Alina and Raj. These guys really went above and beyond to help. Yesterday I received an email response from Raj way after his working hours.
Way to go guys. Keep up the good work.