SiteGround Coupon Code 2022- Up To 70% Discount

SiteGround Coupon Code

Are you looking to purchase the best hosting package but want to save some money? Well, you just got lucky because we have the SiteGround Coupon Code.

Our special coupon code gives you up to 70% off on hosting plans all around the year. What’s best is, this code applies to almost all of SiteGround’s hosting packages.

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With SiteGround’s hosting package, you get a variety of features, ultra-fast network, friendly support, and other multiple benefits with this platform. You can whole-heartedly trust SiteGround because even WordPress recommends it.

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Why Choose SiteGround Hosting Packages?

Are you still unsure whether or not to host your site with SiteGround? Well, allow us to introduce you to these reasons as to why SiteGround hosting packages can give you the best results.

1. High-Speed Platform

SiteGround has a collection of independent components that result in amazingly fast hosting speed. In this software stack, they have included Linux Containers, Apache, Nginx, and OPCache extensions.

They also include a highly customized hosting infrastructure that preserves energy from 100% renewable sources. SiteGround provides you the benefit of the ultra-fast network from Google Cloud and SSD storage capacity.

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SiteGround is among the first hosting companies to provide very fast speed technologies. They have also included a free Cloudflare CDN with Railgun and SG Optimizer plugin with their hosting plans.

2. Security-First Approach

SiteGround has set up a highly specialized team to mitigate any kinds of security threats your site may encounter. In addition to the security team, they also have a DevOps team and a system administration team to provide extra protection.

Their unique monitoring system continually checks your server status twice a second. SiteGround updates its new smart firewall rules dozens of times every year. So, your site is safe from emerging threats and software vulnerabilities.

Additionally, the smart AI anti-bot system of SiteGround blocks up to 2 million brute-force attacks in a day. This system also prevents any malicious traffic from reaching your website.

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3. Powerful Software for Your Site

SiteGround features a variety of in-house software and tools that help you operate your site with ease. Some of these tools are Backup and Restore Tools, Let’s Encrypt Integration, Collaboration Tools, and more.

The Backup and Restore Tools help you save a backup copy of your crucial website information. You can restore this information with just a single click. SiteGround is also one of the pioneers to integrate Let’s Encrypt on every site they host.

SiteGround also includes some powerful features for WordPress sites. Some of them are Smart WordPress Staging, WordPress Starter Plugin, and WordPress Migrator Plugin. With these tools, you get full customization options for your website.

4. Data Centers Across the Globe

SiteGround has its data centers spread across the world in about 6 countries. These data centers hold a massive level of critical information. These centers also feature uninterrupted network connectivity and are powered by Google Cloud.

SiteGround’s data centers are 100% reliable and provide high availability. They have very low cases of latency. These data centers feature high bandwidth capacity and fast connectivity as well. Also, Google is managing a few of their data centers.

Besides, its Cloudflare CDN network is situated in more than 90 countries and 194 cities. SiteGround’s customers can get their site content cached for free of cost in any of the CDN networks.

5. Powered by Google Cloud

To every customer, SiteGround is hosting their website on Google Cloud Platform. This makes SiteGround even more powerful, and so you can get a multitude of benefits as well.

You get SSD persistent storage space from Google that also prevents your site from server failures.

For instance, if your hosting server fails at a certain point, SiteGround does not waste time with backup restoration. Instead, they just create a new virtual machine at another hosting node. So, your website is safe from any server crash at any time of the day.

Also, SiteGround’s Google Cloud integration benefits you with a faster and powerful network.

6. Fast and Professional Support

SiteGround provides you excellent customer support and they’re available any time.

SiteGround believes that empowering customers is equally important as providing helpful support. So, their support representatives write several articles on Knowledge Base that help you resolve issues on your own.

SiteGround provides multiple channels to help you with your issue. These channels are divided into Instant Self-Help and 24/7 Live Help sections.

With the Instant Self-Help section, you can resolve your issue without waiting. And, with the 24/7 Live Help, you contact a friendly member who’ll solve your problem.

How to Use Your SiteGround Coupon Code?

Eager to get a 70% discount from SiteGround for your new website? Follow these steps to have a clear idea of how to activate your coupon code. SiteGround Coupon Code is a discounted link that applies itself once you click on it.

Step 1: Click on Our SiteGround Coupon Code

The first thing you need to do is to click on this coupon link that takes you to SiteGround’s homepage.

Here, you can see 3 types of hosting packages that you can choose from. The options are Reliable Web Hosting, Managed WordPress Hosting, and High-Performance WooCommerce Hosting.

Go ahead and select which one you prefer to host your website. To demonstrate, we’ve selected the Reliable Web Hosting that works great if you’re building your first website.

We have explained the detailed features of each hosting package in the later sections of this article.

Step 2: Select Among the Given Hosting Plans

As you enter the Reliable Web Hosting page, you’ll see 3 pricing plans that include various features. The pricing plans are classified as StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek.

We’ve chosen the first hosting plan, StartUp, for this demonstration. Based on your requirement, you can go with any of the plans if you prefer advanced features.

Step 3: Set up a Domain Name

Now you’ve selected the perfect hosting plan. SiteGround will allow you to set up a domain name for your website.

You’ll have two options in this step. Either you can purchase a new domain name, or use a domain name that you’ve already acquired.

If you’re going to purchase a new domain name, then it will cost you $15.95 per month on this platform.

To purchase a domain name, simply enter the name for your site on the text box. Also, don’t forget to set the required extension for your domain name.

In the above image, you can see a lot of domain extensions varying according to countries, purpose, and so on. However, if you can’t figure out which extension to stick with, simply choose .com. This is the most popular domain extension.

You’ll get the message shown in the above image if your desired domain name is available. Now you can proceed with other steps of acquiring the hosting package.

Step 4: Provide Account and Client Information

To proceed further, you need to enter Account Information to sign up for SiteGround’s hosting account. However, if you already have an account, then simply click on the link, as shown in the image below.

After that, you need to insert some crucial information in the Client Information section. Some of the required fields are for your name, company details, address, and more.

The fields that are marked with an asterisk (*) symbols are mandatory in this section. So, you can skip providing the details about the company name and VAT/Tax ID if you want.

Step 5: Select Your Payment Method

The next step is to insert your payment details. You need to provide your Card Number, Expiration Date, Cardholder Name, and CVV Code. SiteGround supports your card if it’s either from VISA, Mastercard, or American Express.

You only need to provide this information if your billing address is not different from your contact information.

Is the contact information you’ve provided in the above step different than your billing address? If yes, then you need to uncheck the tick mark shown in this above image.

After doing that, you can see some more text boxes. You need to provide your current billing address and contact number. Then, you can proceed to the next step.

Step 6: Verification and Extra Features

You can now verify your purchase information. In the Hosting Services section, you can change the hosting plan and data center if you want.

For this demonstration, we chose Iowa, the USA, as our preferred data center. You can choose other data centers within the available options. The options are Singapore, Sydney, London, Frankfurt, and The Netherlands.

Also, you can change the duration of your selected hosting plan. The billing information also updates according to the changes you make.

Do you want some additional features with your purchase? The next section lets you add any extra services that you might want with your hosting package.

You can see some of the additional services in the image above. We opt to purchase domain registration from SiteGround, so there’s a tick mark for this option. Other services that you can buy are Domain Privacy and SG Site Scanner.

Step 7: Agree to Terms and Conditions

In this final step, you simply need to read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy of SiteGround. Then you can tick a mark to verify that you agree with their policy. You can also agree to receive news and special offers from SiteGround via email.

You can also see the total cost at the top bar in this section. After you’ve confirmed all the information provided on this page, simply click on the ‘PAY NOW’ button. This will take you to the checkout page, and you can finalize your purchase.

Hosting Plans for SiteGround Coupon Code

So, you now have the idea of how to use your SiteGround Coupon Code and get an amazing discount offer. But which hosting plan should you choose? We’re going to explain to you all the hosting plans SiteGround have to offer.

1. SiteGround Web Hosting Package

The Web Hosting Package from SiteGround lets you build your website easy and quick. You get two of the most popular site builders with this package, Weebly and WordPress. Also, you can migrate your website to SiteGround using the WordPress Migrator plugin.

You get ultra-fast network and SSD persistent storage capacity with the Web Hosting package. You can manage your website easily with its 1-click software installation and user-friendly client area.

Also, you get several powerful tools that support easier site management. Some of these tools are for uploading files to the server, managing DNS zones, and so on. SiteGround also provides reliable email service with this package.

The pricing plans you’re going to receive with this hosting package are:

Amazing Discount for SiteGround Web Hosting Package!

A. Web Hosting StartUp Plan

With the StartUp plan of Web Hosting package, you can host 1 website and get 10 GB of webspace. This plan supports websites with up to 10,000 monthly visitors. You get free WordPress installation and also a free SSL certificate.

B. Web Hosting GrowBig Plan

The Web Hosting GrowBig Plan supports unlimited websites and provides 20 GB of webspace. The plan also features unmetered traffic and supports websites with 25,000 visitors per month. You get professional site transfer for free as well.

C. Web Hosting GoGeek Plan

The GoGeek Plan of Web Hosting package also supports unlimited websites. This plan works great for websites with around 100,000 monthly visitors. You get 40 GB of web storage space and free installation of WordPress as well.

2. SiteGround WordPress Hosting Package

The managed WordPress Hosting package from SiteGround is powerful and also simple to use. SiteGround automatically installs WordPress for your website with a simple click-and-install option.

The WordPress Hosting package also features a secure migration of WordPress sites. You also get a free SSL certificate with the help of SiteGround’s Let’s Encrypt integration.

Besides, your site gets backed up and saves up to 30 copies of the information daily. You can even create unlimited email addresses. The interface of the WordPress Hosting package also lets you add collaborators to your website.

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There are 3 pricing plans of the WordPress Hosting package are:

A. WordPress StartUp Plan

The WordPress Startup Plan offers you 10 GB of web storage space. This plan hosts 1 website and provides unlimited databases as well. You get a free SSL certificate, free CDN, daily backup, and several other features with this plan.

B. WordPress GrowBig Plan

With the GrowBig Plan from WordPress package, you get free WordPress installation. Also, you get on-demand backup copies and can add collaborators to your site. This plan supports unlimited websites and unmetered traffic as well.

C. WordPress GoGeek Plan

The GoGeek plan for the WordPress package provides you with the highest tier of resources. You get priority support and dynamic caching as well. This plan powers unlimited websites and also provides WordPress auto-updates.

3. SiteGround WooCommerce Hosting Package

The Managed WooCommerce Hosting package from SiteGround is recommended by WooCommerce, WordPress, and Yoast SEO. You can instantly set up your WordPress site with the WooCommerce plugin and the Storefront theme installed.

This hosting package features free Cloudflare CDN, smart caching, and ultra-fast performance. They help you increase the loading speed of your site. You also get an AI anti-bot system that blocks out security threats from your WooCommerce site.

Additionally, you also get the safe staging tool with this hosting plan. This helps you design your online store by testing site changes safely on a live copy without going live. This hosting package also automatically installs SSL certificates on your site.

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Here are 3 pricing plans for the WooCommerce Hosting package:

A. WooCommerce StartUp Plan

The StartUp plan of the WooCommerce package features a free WordPress installation. You also get WordPress auto-updates with this plan. Also, you get unmetered traffic, 10 GB web storage space, and several other features.

B. WooCommerce GrowBig Plan

The WooCommerce GrowBig plan hosts unlimited websites and features free WP installation. You also get dynamic caching with this plan. Also, SiteGround backs up your content daily and provides unlimited databases as well.

C. WooCommerce GoGeek Plan

The WooCommerce GoGeek plan works excellent for websites with around 100,000 monthly visitors. You can give White-label access to your clients with this hosting plan. Besides, this plan provides WP-CLI and SSH as well.

4. SiteGround Cloud Hosting Package

The Cloud Hosting package from SiteGround is powerful and takes your website to a new level. To begin with, they provide an ultra-fast platform with the inclusion of SSD disks. You get your resources with this package, which includes both CPU and RAM.

Your cloud account remains safe from all kinds of hack attacks, spam, and malicious threats. The Cloud Hosting package also prevents slow down when your site gets tremendous traffic. Your RAM and CPU get automatically scaled up at such events.

More importantly, you get your dedicated IP address with this hosting plan. You don’t have to share it with other users from the same hosting environment. Besides, you can manage and secure your file transfer on your site with the SFTP feature.

The 4 different pricing plans for the Cloud Hosting package are:

A. Cloud Hosting Entry Plan

The Entry plan of the Cloud Hosting package allows easy start on the cloud hosting. You get 2 CPU cores with this plan and 4 GB of RAM. Also, this plan provides 40 GB of SSD storage space and 40 GB of data transfer.

B. Cloud Hosting Business Plan

The Business plan of Cloud Hosting is the recommended plan among all. You get an optimal cloud experience with 60 GB of SSD space. Also, this hosting plan provides 6 GB of RAM and lets you transfer 5 TB of data.

C. Cloud Hosting Business Plus Plan

The Cloud Hosting Business Plus plan provides advanced performance for your website. This plan includes 4 CPU cores and lets you transfer 5 TB of data. Besides, you get 8 GB RAM and 80 GB of SSD storage space.

D. Cloud Hosting Super Power Plan

The Super Power plan from Cloud Hosting package features premium server power. You get 120 GB of SSD storage space and 10 GB of RAM with the plan. Also, there are 8 CPU cores included, and you can transfer 5 TB of data.

5. SiteGround Reseller Hosting Package

The SiteGround Reseller Hosting Package lets you manage multiple websites with a single hosting account. You get an excellent client interface for managing all your sites with ease. This package helps you resell web hosting to your clients.

You can give white-label access to your clients as well. This way, they can manage their site on their own and won’t see any SiteGround branding. Each site you host will include several site tools, such as website files, emails, databases, and so on.

Moreover, the Reseller Hosting package even lets you invite your team members to your hosted sites. The package features a unique user interface where you can assign separate roles and access rights to different members.

The only pricing plan you get with the Cloud Hosting package is:

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1. Reseller Hosting GoGeek Plan

The GoGeek plan of Reseller Hosting lets you quickly set up your site with one-click app installation. This plan installs the WordPress Starter plugin on your site. Also, you get the 1-click staging feature for WordPress.

This hosting plan has multiple features that boost your site speed. Also, your website gets advanced security with daily backup, free SSL certificate, and more. Besides, your site receives advanced WordPress caching as well.

Moreover, the GoGeek plan of Reseller Hosting also features 40 GB webspace. This plan supports unmetered traffic, unlimited websites, and unlimited email accounts as well. You also get 24/7 reseller support.

Why Choose Our SiteGround Coupon Code?

So you must be excited to purchase the hosting package using the SiteGround Coupon Code. However, there are dozens of websites sharing their coupon codes as well. Why should you choose our coupon code apart from others?

In this section, we’ll be explaining what benefits you’ll get from the SiteGround coupon code that we provide.

1. Discount Rate Applies Automatically

When you click our coupon code, you’ll get to the homepage of SiteGround. Here, you can find that the actual prices for hosting packages are reduced already. You can select your perfect hosting plan based on the price that you’re going to pay.

You don’t have to calculate the discounted rate from the actual price. This saves up a lot of your time and also makes it easier to compare the best plan for your site.

2. Discounts on Almost All Hosting Packages

Our SiteGround Coupon Code lets you purchase any of the hosting packages with a certain discounted rate. Also, you might get special discounts constantly.

The Reseller Hosting package might not be offering any discount at some point, though. But you can rest assured that you’ll get a discounted rate for each of the packages at any time of the year.

3. Lowest Rate You Can Get

Among all the discount coupon codes for SiteGround, this is the best offer you can find. You’ll get up to 70% off on all the hosting packages throughout the year.

Additionally, SiteGround also provides special offers during certain events of the year. We’ll be updating you on all the major discount offers SiteGround provides.

Besides, based on the services they provide, the pricing plans and discount rates are a deal-breaker.

You might not get this many features at such a low cost anywhere on the web. So, wait no further!

Enjoy Discounted Price on SiteGround Hosting Plans!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on SiteGround Coupon Code

Q. Which Hosting Should I Purchase for my Agency Website?

A. SiteGround provides a multitude of hosting packages varying based on your website requirement. Some of the best packages for your case might be among Web Hosting, WordPress Hosting, and WooCommerce Hosting.

Pick the Web Hosting platform if you’re starting your first website. If you want to build your site on WordPress site builder, then select the WordPress hosting. If you’re going to sell products on your site, then go with the WooCommerce Hosting.

Q. How Should I Approach the Support Team if I Face Some Issues?

A. SiteGround provides multiple help channels that’ll help you resolve your issues ASAP. First, you can get access to immediate help provided on almost every webpage of the site. You can also take help from the smart AI chatbot.

Moreover, you can submit your request to the support team as well. They will guide you to the solution at an instant.

If not solved yet, you need detailed guidance regarding your issue. For this, you can always take help from various helplines that are active 24/7. Some of the helplines are live chat, phone support, and helpdesk tickets.

Q. Does SiteGround Provide a High-Speed Hosting Service?

A. Absolutely, Yes! SiteGround is one of the pioneers to provide blatantly fast hosting speed to all its users. SiteGround is partnered with Google Cloud, and so you can get an ultra-fast network with SSD persistent storage space.

Also, if you’re a WordPress user, you can further boost your site speed by using the SG Optimizer plugin.

Q. Are These Coupon Codes Affiliate Links Provided by SiteGround?

A. Yes. The coupon codes we’ve provided in this article include affiliate links. What this means is, when you make a purchase using the affiliate link, we make a commission.

This does not, however, increase the price of your hosting package. The price of the hosting package remains the same after the discount you receive.

Wrapping Up!

So, which hosting package from SiteGround do you want for your first website? Are you planning to build a personal blog or a corporate site for your large company? These questions will determine the hosting plan that is best for you.

Well, if you’ve found the best hosting package that meets your requirements, then delay no further. Hurry up and grab that deal before it ends!

Lastly, please mention any feedback and queries in the comment section below. Share this article with your colleagues and friends if they’re aiming to build a new website.

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