25+ Best Pinterest Style WordPress Themes of 2023

Best Pinterest-style WordPress Themes

With 367 million users worldwide, it’s safe to say that Pinterest is one of the most popular social networking apps. Aside from connecting to new people, Pinterest is mostly known for its image-centric design and being an ocean of inspiration for everything.

The innovative layout style has become a trending template for countless websites.The Pinterest style layout is best for — portfolios, photography blogs, fashion blogs, beauty blogs, online stores, etc. 

So, if you also want to create a Pinterest-style website, we have put together some of the best Pinterest style WordPress themes in 2023.

Since your Pinterest-style site requires many images, we recommend you to use one of these WordPress Image Optimizer Plugins. Besides, you can also take help from these tutorial blogs to enhance your website’s performance. 

What to Look for in a Pinterest Style WordPress Theme?

Let’s say you love the design of a theme, and you purchase it, but you end up finding out it does not have some crucial features to make the most out of your website. Yes, it’s tiresome, and we’ve all been there at least once. Usually, it’s not easy to distinguish an okay theme from a feature-packed theme. 

So, to save your time and effort, here are some top-priority features that are a ‘must-have’ while looking for your Pinterest-style WordPress theme.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engines like Google are the best ways to draw traffic to your website. In fact, this study has found that organic searches make up to 64% of website traffic.  

Search Engine Optimization feature involves a set of processes to ensure that your website ranks higher on search engine results. So, check if a theme you like is SEO-friendly.

Mobile Friendly

According to Statistica, around 50% of web traffic has been originating from mobile devices since 2017. A WordPress theme that responds well to phones comes in handy if you want more viewers. 

Fast Loading

Your audience is always in a rush and they despise slow loading websites. So, the loss of web traffic equals no growth of your website. So, look for themes that are optimized for fast performance.

WooCommerce Compatible

If you want to set up an online store with your Pinterest-style theme, then having WooCommerce compatibility is a must as it is the most popular WordPress plugin for setting up online stores for free.

Social Media Integration

Linking your social media profiles to your blogs help your audience to further connect with you. Along with that, your online following also grows.

Having an Instagram section is a great advantage. You can showcase your Instagram photos, and the section also complements the rest of your website layout.

Multimedia Content Support

The Pinterest-style website layout is dynamic and is suitable for artists and photographers. So, look for WordPress themes that can support text, photos, audio, and videos. 

Infinite Scrolling

Infinite scrolling is one of the navigation features that come with the Pinterest platform. It lets visitors discover new posts by scrolling to the bottom of the page without having to open a new one. This simple feature adds a lot in terms of user experience and is useful if you want to get the full impact of a Pinterest style theme.  

List of Best Pinterest Style WordPress Themes

The features mentioned above help you create a lively website for your vision. The themes below tick all the boxes and give you a headstart for your blogging career. Here are 25+ Best Pinterest Style WordPress Themes in 2023.

Blossom Pin Pro

Blossom Pin Pro

Blossom Pin Pro is an SEO-optimized Pinterest-style WordPress theme with a chic design. This theme is a great fit for blogs that revolve around travel, beauty, fashion, and food.

The theme elements complement the Pinterest-style layout, creating a harmonious look. There is a beautiful header banner with a carousel slider that resembles Pinterest post boxes.

Blossom Pin Pro is compatible with the WooCommerce plugin so that you can set up an online store within your website easily. Place advertisements on Google AdSense optimized advertisement spots to drive up clicks and boost your ad revenue.

Social media integration is also a feature of this theme. Users get the option to ‘like’ your posts through their social media profiles. The Pinterest Pin It button is also a very useful feature that allows users to share your posts to their Pinterest accounts.

You can also showcase your Instagram feed with the Instagram section.

Blossom Pin Pro comes with 6 header layouts and 18 homepage layouts to create the desired impact.

This theme is also translation-ready with Right-to-Left script support. You can easily set up multi-language features with this theme using the WPML and Polylang plugins.

Theme DetailsDemo

Blossom PinThis

Blossom PinThis

Blossom PinThis is a child theme of the free Blossom Pin theme. This parent theme has a beautiful feminine design and numerous layout options that help your website to stand out.

Blossom PinThis is optimized for SEO and speed, giving you a great head start for your blogging career. The floating header menu helps improve website navigation and adds to smooth user experience.

Blossom PinThis also comes with the WooCommerce plugin for adding an online store within your site. You can place ads in the Adsense optimized ad spots for increased ad clicks and a boost in ad revenue.

If you want to add your personal twist, you can choose from 6 header layouts, 18 homepage layouts, 8 banner slider layouts, and 6 blog post layouts. There is an elegant categories widget for the sidebar that comes with individual image backgrounds.

Social media is one of the major perks of this theme. Features like the Pinterest Pin It button on images alongside social media Like and Share buttons add to the user-friendly experience.

Blossom PinThis is also compatible with the WPML and Polylang plugins, giving you multi-language features. Along with that, this theme also supports RTL scripts like Arabic.

Theme DetailsDemo

Rishi Theme

Rishi Core Web Vital Optimized WP Theme

Are you on a hunt for a multipurpose WordPress theme to create a Pinterest-powered website? Look no more! The super fast and feature-rich Rishi Theme is here to help you out. 

With wide range of pre designed starter site demos, this theme helps you to kickstart a functional website faster than ever before. You can use the One-click Demo Import feature to import the demo files and settings with just a single click.

Rishi Theme is a core vital optimized WordPress theme that racks up a 100% speed score. Likewise, this free theme loads in less than half of a second to give you an optimal experience across all major browsers. 

Besides speed, the Rishi Theme also comes optimized for search engines. This core vital optimized theme ensures your website appears on the first screen of the search engine result pages. Not just that, the fully responsive design makes sure your users get a smooth browsing experience across all major devices and screen types. 

With Rishi Theme’s integration with Elementor and Gutenberg, you can design and customize your Pinterest-style website like a pro. For better customization, this theme hands you over 1000+ Google fonts, unlimited color choices, and advanced typography control options to choose from. 

Above all, Rishi Theme integrates seamlessly with the powerful WooCommerce plugin. With that, you can set up a functional online shop and sell your products and merchandise at ease.

Theme DetailsDemo



DAZE is a WordPress theme for Pinterest-style layouts with a trendy design. This theme is built with some unique features like a Quick Tweet feature and embed support for various media services to help you create a dynamic blog site.

This theme gives you a few different layout choices. There is an integrated sidebar option that maintains the masonry grid style, while still providing every functionality of the sidebar widgets.

DAZE provides embed support for a variety of media services, from Flickr to Soundcloud, Scribd, and more. You can easily integrate your media sharing profiles with this theme and flow different kinds of content into your website.

The theme also offers you extensive GIF support, if you prefer. You can place various GIFs anywhere you want on your website with this theme.

You get social media integration with easy share buttons. The Quick Tweet is also a useful function that creates a pop-up Twitter share button whenever visitors make a text selection. They can tweet your article with the selected text as an excerpt.

Theme DetailsDemo



Fashionista is a minimal WordPress theme built for fashion blogs and designers. This theme comes with some basic customization options to present your posts in the right way.

This theme is compatible with all WooCommerce functions and also comes with a live shopping cart icon.

This theme has a sticky header banner helping visitors with navigation. You also get three navigation styles — infinite scrolling, a load more button, or numbered pages. Choose the option that works best for you.

You can also select a custom page width to create the right effect — leave some space on the sides, choose from a few basic sidebar layouts, or create a full-width page to display more posts.

Fashionista is also a translation-ready theme so you can easily set it up in any local language.

Theme DetailsDemo



Pinfinity is a simple Pinterest-style WordPress theme that gives you some easy features for installation and extending functionality. It is a super plugin-friendly theme that’s compatible with most third-party plugins so that you can build this theme to suit any purpose.

This theme supports different kinds of post formats, including articles, sound files, videos, and image galleries. You get the power to set up different kinds of blogs with the theme.

You also get a nifty ‘like’ counter, which allows readers to see which of your posts are popular.

The theme offers you a one-click demo import function that enables you to download the demo content and get started with your website with a single click.

An extensive live customizer can be used to make any changes to the theme to suit your needs, including color customization. Pinfinity is also compatible with major page builder plugins so that you can use those if you prefer.

This is a translation-ready theme that you can easily localize in your preferred language.

Theme DetailsDemo



Paperio is an elegant Pinterest-style WordPress theme with an artistic design. This theme is a great choice for food blogs, art blogs, and decor blogs. You can even use this theme as a portfolio website with a dedicated website template.

Paperio is built to accommodate different types of posts, including lightbox galleries, in which individual images show up as a pop-up with the background darkened.

The theme is also SEO-friendly and optimized for speed with the Srcset function that resizes images to suit individual screen sizes for faster loading on mobile devices.

You can also develop a mailing list using the MailChimp newsletter forms. Paperio supports Social media integration and you can place Twitter and Instagram feeds to showcase your social media posts.

Paperio has 7 website templates with very different layouts. There are 400+ customization options built into the default WordPress live customizer, giving you a great deal of control as well.

Theme DetailsDemo

Blossom PinIt

Blossom PinIt

Blossom PinIt is a child theme of the free Blossom Pin WordPress theme. This theme features an attractive design with elements that showcase your content beautifully.

This theme comes with a floating header menu and floating widget options that improve navigation for better user experience. There are advanced controls for the header slider so that you can create the perfect slider animation.

The typography setting allows you to set a unique style for your text content to keep your audience engaged.

This theme features the Pinterest Pin It button, alongside the social media Like and Share functions. An attractive full-width Instagram feed is useful for showcasing your Instagram posts.

There are several helpful widgets, such as Newsletter subscription forms and a Popular Posts widget. These widgets motivate visitors to keep exploring your site.

Numerous layout options are available for key areas like the header, homepage, and header banner. You can even feature a video background in the header banner to create an immersive user experience.

Theme DetailsDemo



Pin is a WordPress theme with a super, vibrant design. This Pinterest-style WordPress theme allows for user-submitted content which means that visitors can also place content on your website.

Pin is super responsive and comes with fly-out navigation for phones and tablets. There are 2 navigation menu options and a live search as well.

You can even set up a child theme as a replacement for your website if you ever want to make heavy customization to your theme.

Pin allows users to create and share posts from the front end. You can create unlimited forms with different settings and restrictions to optimize the user sharing experience.

You can easily keep track of user posts with options to turn on email notification whenever a user submits their content. Captchas and other security features ensure that only verified users can upload content. You also get the CopyScape integration, which ensures that every submission is unique.

Pin also comes with social media integration and post boxes display sharing buttons for the major social media profiles.

Theme DetailsDemo



Fabulous is a classic Pinterest-style WordPress theme that draws attention to your content. This theme is great for portfolio websites and photography blogs as well.

Fabulous enables customization options with the WordPress live customizer. You also get a choice between infinite scrolling and pagination options. There are also a few basic sidebar layout options.

The theme comes with a collection of shortcodes so that you can add any necessary elements by simply pasting a line of pre-written code.

Fabulous comes with a collection of Google fonts and unlimited color options. You also get typography options to create a unique style of text presentation and an option to switch between light and dark theme skins.

This theme is translation-ready and compatible with the WPML plugin as well for multi-language features.

Theme DetailsDemo



Tracem carries a professional feel with a collection of demos that have an artistic touch. This Pinterest-style theme is ideal for portfolio websites and comes with two shop website templates as well.

This theme has a distinct, memorable style with the use of freely merging sections and consistent design cues that carry over from the typography to the icons and layouts. You get some unique layouts that have a trendy feel.

Tracem has a one-click demo import feature so that you can download and start working with this theme with a single click. There are some great elements to perk up your website including the parallax feature that can engage visitors with a cool 3D effect.

You also get cool CSS3 animations to help create a seamless user experience. There is a collection of shortcodes as well so that you can add any feature you want to your website effortlessly.

Tracem is also a translation-ready theme that is compatible with the Loco Translate plugin.

Theme DetailsDemo



Pinshop is an e-commerce WordPress theme with a Pinterest-style layout. This theme comes with a collection of useful features that help you run an e-commerce business easily with minimal effort.

What makes this theme e-commerce friendly is the WooCommerce plugin. The theme allows you to insert banner ads anywhere on your website so that you can generate ad revenue as well.

This theme also includes the AJAX shopping cart feature. Thus, visitors can add items to their shopping cart directly from the listings page by clicking the Add to Cart button.

You can customize this theme with the inbuilt drag and drop customizer. You get 10 theme skins and a collection of shortcodes to create the desired look and add necessary functionalities to your theme.

The theme is also compatible with the WPML plugin so that you can easily set up your website in multiple languages.

Theme DetailsDemo



MagPlus is a super versatile Pinterest-style WordPress theme that comes with endless possibilities. This theme comes with 40+ unique website templates, layout options for important sections, and great customization tools.

This theme is speed optimized with AMP pages that make it super responsive. Along with that, WooCommerce compatibility and Google Adsense are also a few of its incredible features.

MagPlus comes bundled with 7 premium plugins including the Visual Composer page builder plugin and the Social Jumbo Pack plugin.

You also get 160+ elements and modules for adding essential functionalities. The theme has attractively designed widgets that make your website stand out from the rest.

The theme also offers you 12+ header layouts and 25+ single post layouts to place yourself in the best light.

Magplus is also compatible with the WPML plugin and includes RTL support.

Theme DetailsDemo



Tamashi is a Pinterest-style WordPress theme with a sleek, minimal design. This theme gives emphasis to photo-focused posts and you can use it for shop or portfolio websites.

Tamashi comes with a large collection of features that allow you to shape your site in any way with minimal effort.

A collection of shortcodes allows you to place great features like pricing tables and Call-to-Action buttons for attracting the visitors. You also have a shortcode to insert a Google Maps section, which is useful to show your office or store location.

This beautiful theme comes with the premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin so that you can customize your layouts with simple drag and drop motions. You also get the Slider Revolution plugin, which is useful for building seamless sliders.

You get a collection of 800+ Google fonts and multiple font icon packs. You can even place a video background to create an immersive website surfing experience.

Theme DetailsDemo



Pluto is an excellent Pinterest-style WordPress theme with several rare features. This theme is great for a photography blog due to the Photo Protection feature that allows you to build an online community with membership features.

This theme allows you to publish posts in 8 post formats, including links and galleries. The theme is compatible with WooCommerce if you want to add an online store within your site.

Pluto offers you multiple locations to place ads like between posts, in the header, or even the sidebar so that they merge seamlessly with the posts.

Visitors can also filter the posts according to categories and even sort posts by views and likes. A cool hover effect on post items makes for an engaging surfing experience.

This theme has extensive membership features that allow user registration, posts, and messaging. Members get a full digital profile that allows them to interact with and follow other members.

This translation-ready theme also comes with the Visual Composer plugin for easy layout customization. You also get the Mega Menu plugin to build stylized menu items.

Theme DetailsDemo



Tumli is an attractive Pinterest-style WordPress theme with animation and useful sections for showcasing different types of content.

This theme has a large header banner that highlights multiple posts. You also get a featured area, where you can place important links like your About page or your Instagram profile.

Tumli is great for placing advertisements, as there are multiple spaces for ads. You can place ads between top-performing posts to drive up clicks.

You can engage visitors to your content with this theme as it comes with hover zoom.

You also get the MailChimp plugin for setting up newsletter forms to generate new leads. This is a translation-ready theme that also supports RTL scripts.

Tumli is compatible with the free Gutenberg plugin so that you can easily customize layouts. You also get unlimited color options to personalize your website.

Theme DetailsDemo



Gema WordPress theme allows you to make the most out of your website. This Pinterest-style WordPress theme has a minimal design with features that give you great control over the presentation of your content.

This theme is built with a custom grid algorithm that gives you in-depth control of your masonry layout. You can use the space and present your content in the best way.

A cool hover effect and minimal post item outlines create a unique and engaging look that leaves a mark on your visitors. You can place different kinds of content from text to images and videos. Visitors can explore through smooth infinite scrolling pagination.

This theme is compatible with major page builder plugins like Visual Composer, Beaver Builder, and SiteOrigin. You also get effective font and color options, allowing for easy personalization.

Theme DetailsDemo



Hazel is a multi-purpose WordPress theme with 35 different website templates for varied uses. The theme includes some incredible Pinterest-style templates that have a trendy look and are suitable for building portfolio websites.

The theme has WooCommerce integration so that you can set up an online store to sell products.

There are several interesting visual effects, including parallax image or video backgrounds. You also get to choose header layouts to create the right first impression.

Hazel comes with the WPBakery Page Builder plugin to make layout customization possible. You also get Font Awesome and Font Elegant icon packs to set your website apart with catchy icons.

You can set up a child theme to use whenever you need to make modifications to the main theme, avoiding website downtime.

Hazel is also great for multi-language websites due to WPML plugin compatibility. Besides, the theme is also translation-ready.

Theme DetailsDemo



FlyingNews is a fun, Pinterest-style WordPress theme that presents your content vibrantly. You get several useful functionalities out of this theme along with unique color options to make your website stand out.

This retina-ready theme is compatible with Google Analytics, a tool that allows you in-depth look at your website performance with demographic data.

FlyingNews comes with 11 predefined areas to place advertisements. This theme is also WooCommerce compatible so that you can set up an online store within your website.

You can use a collection of 25+ shortcodes to add any functionality you need. You can also customize your header to create the right first impression.

You get unlimited portfolio pages. They are great to showcase your works as either a photographer or any other kind of professional.

FlyingNews allows you to define individual colors to categories and pages that you can see in post items. You get a colorful masonry grid layout with color-coded post items.

The theme also supports the WPML plugin, including RTL scripts like Arabic.

Theme DetailsDemo



Bayside has a professional feel to it that makes it ideal for magazine and news online portals. This theme comes with added theme elements to create a diverse user interface. You can easily personalize this theme to suit your branding needs.

There are some great functionalities with this theme. A sticky header is a simple yet effective way to improve user navigation. You can build custom contact forms with this theme to gather queries directly.

Bayside supports Google Maps integration, which is useful for displaying your workplace location on an interactive map.

Social media integration is also another feature that allows you to link your social media profiles to increase your online following.

You can use the mega menu options to build a custom menu with a distinct style. This theme allows unlimited color options with typography options. You can customize your layout easily using the drag and drop page builder.

Theme DetailsDemo



Foot is a WordPress theme with a dynamic style that engages the visitors with its gorgeous layouts. You can choose from a few different layout options if you want to customize it.

This theme is super responsive with a fly-out menu option for mobile users. The theme also allows users to submit content through the front end, with a review function.

You can choose from some basic sidebar layouts that drastically change the feel of your website. Foot also comes with several eye-catching carousel banner layouts.

Visitors can easily sort through your posts with a live search feature. There is a Category menu to filter posts with icon support.

You can set up contact forms with the Contact form 7 plugin.

This theme also has easy customization options with 600+ Google Fonts, unlimited colors, and a Font Awesome Icons pack.

Theme DetailsDemo



Dorian is a chic, multi-purpose WordPress theme with 21 different website templates and a collection of inner pages. There are several beautiful Pinterest-style layouts that can give your blog or website a unique look.

Dorian is a WooCommerce compatible theme that helps you set up online stores.

The theme also comes with a one-page website setting. Google Maps is a user-friendly feature to pinpoint the location of your workplace or studio.

The collection of 45 shortcodes power a variety of functions like Call-to-Action buttons for drawing attention to key pages. You can also place pricing tables using the right shortcode.

Dorian also allows you to set up section-specific parallax effects and backgrounds. You can use both images and videos for your section backgrounds to create a unique look for your website.

The theme comes bundled with the WPBakery Page Builder plugin and Slider Revolution plugin to create the perfect layout and sliders. You get 7 different icon packs to set your website apart with catchy icons.

Theme DetailsDemo



Ikebana is a WordPress theme with several detailed theme options that give you additional control over your website. This theme has an artistic design that keeps the visitors engaged.

Ikebana theme is built with advanced SEO features that give you an edge in your search engine rankings.

There is built-in support for Google Analytics so you can start using the tool by simply logging into your Analytics account from the theme options panel.

The theme also comes with a custom contact form builder to take direct queries from visitors.

You can choose from 6 theme layouts and you can easily personalize this theme with 500+ Google fonts, unlimited color options, and a collection of Font Awesome icons.

Ikebana also comes with a rare option to define custom size and color for individual portfolio items. You get full control over the look of your masonry layout.

Theme DetailsDemo



Ukiyo is a unique WordPress theme for building professional portfolio websites. This theme offers you numerous layout styles, from masonry grid to split-screen, to display your work.

This retina-ready theme comes with a trendy, modern style. You get 50+ portfolio layout styles along with the option to customize individual elements like sidebars and column numbers.

With Ukiyo, you can create a unique Pinterest-style website with a few simple choices. The theme offers you a number of hover animations that help increase user engagement.

Ukiyo offers social media integration features, including support for Behance. The theme is also WooCommerce compatible so that you can start selling your products right off your website.

The one-click demo import function allows you to get started with this theme with a single click.

Theme DetailsDemo



As the name implies, Penumbra carries the power of light and dark to create a powerful and minimal Pinterest-style theme. This theme is great for showcasing portfolios with some effective layout options. The theme comes with a collection of useful features that give you a complete toolset.

Penumbra is a WooCommerce enabled WordPress theme and you also get a WooCommerce dropdown cart function so that customers can easily see their shopping items.

You can set a category filter to allow visitors to zone in on the content they want. The theme also comes with beautiful animations and parallax effects that can be enabled for individual sections.

Penumbra has social media integration along with the option for Instagram and Twitter feed.

This theme comes with the premium WPBakery Page Builder and Slider Revolution plugins, giving you greater control over your website.

You can also use the WPML plugin to set up your website in multiple languages.

Theme DetailsDemo



SKIN is a Pinterest-style WordPress theme with a definite personality. This theme features some unique elements, including sliders with circular items and a detailed gradient control option. This theme works perfectly for a fashion blogs or stores.

SKIN features great support for the WooCommerce plugin if you want to set up an online store. The theme also allows for Google Adsense advertisements with 5 predefined ad placement areas.

You can even create pop-up advertisements to grab the visitor’s attention.

The theme is quite mobile-friendly and includes a full-screen mobile menu for better navigation.

Social media integration is another strength of this theme with 45+ social media websites that can be integrated with the website. Visitors can easily share your posts with floating social share icons with a drop-down function.

Theme DetailsDemo

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What kind of websites work well with Pinterest-style WordPress themes?

Pinterest-style WordPress themes focus more on images, but are still very versatile. Websites revolving around fashion, beauty, food, journal, travel, health and fitness, parenting, life advice, and e-commerce business are a great fit. 

I want to customize my Pinterest-style theme. How do I do that?

Most Pinterest-style themes come with customization options already. You should also look for themes that are compatible with page builder plugins like Elementor and Visual Composer. These plugins give you more customization options.

Can I use Pinterest-style WordPress themes to build an online store?

You can build an online store using Pinterest style themes that are compatible with the free WooCommerce plugin. So, to save your time, here are the Best WooCommerce WordPress Themes under one roof.

What social media features are available for Pinterest-style WordPress themes?

The Pinterest Pin It button allows easy image sharing and Quick Tweet feature allows article sharing with text excerpts. The Instagram section merges seamlessly with the rest of your post items in this style of theme.

Which Pinterest-style Theme is Best for You?

Blossom Pin Pro is the one for you if you prefer advanced customization options and WooCommerce compatibility. This theme has a unique design that fits any website, whether it’s about fashion, food, beauty, or lifestyle.
You can try Blossom PinThis if you want a different take on the same amount of functionality as Blossom Pin Pro.

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