15+ Popular Radio WordPress Themes of 2023

Popular Radio WordPress Themes

The world is growing increasingly digital, and with it, internet-based radio stations have also soared in popularity. 

There are thousands of radio channels to choose from across the globe, each contributing its own distinct range of shows and programs. Considering just how popular and omnipresent the internet has become, there’s a good chance you have already heard of internet radio.

As such, WordPress themes are great for setting up an online presence and making your website prominent. Even if you are not a design virtuoso, and you have never written any programming codes in your life, WordPress themes allow you to quickly establish a website. 

Not only that, but you can also customize it just the way you prefer. The possibility of creating your own unique site ideally suited for your brand and business is precisely where WordPress themes shine through.

In this article, we have created a detailed listing of 15+ popular radio WordPress themes available in the market today. Besides, with benefits, key features of radio themes, and a detailed FAQs section, you should find it easy to choose one theme for setting up a radio website. 

If you are a beginner and don’t want to invest in premium themes, you can also start with free radio WordPress themes instead. First, we suggest you install the free version and check its features. After that, you can upgrade to its premium plan and unlock its full benefits

Now, let’s get underway!

Benefits of Using a Radio WordPress Theme for Your Radio Website 

Building on the great beginnings of radio technology, online Radio can eliminate some of the common problems faced by terrestrial Radio. Not only does an online radio website provide consumers with a broader range of channels to tune into, but unlike FM and AM stations, internet broadcasting is not limited by geographical location. 

Broadcasting over the internet presents many benefits, such as having complete control over your programming, scheduling, and branding, as well as having agency over-representation- you can broadcast local artists and talent from sources that know them best. 

Similarly, online radio websites can also promote local businesses and support your community without meddling from big corporate companies. 

Features to Look for in a Radio WordPress Theme-  

After all, regarding the appeal of the internet, many radio stations have already resorted to online websites for sharing information regarding shows and RJs. Moreover, the online websites also let listeners live tune into their favorite shows. 

Thus, radio WordPress themes are an excellent solution for radio stations for building their websites and allowing people to listen to shows online. To boot, it is currently the most straightforward and most cost-effective process for companies to broadcast radio to listeners worldwide. Here are some features that you need to look out for while considering radio WordPress themes:  


The theme will likely go a long way if it delivers better performance and loads faster. You should always go for a theme with a minimal design in this regard. Unnecessary additional features can lead to bulks on your theme, which can negatively affect the loading speed. 

Search Engine Optimization: 

A theme incorporated with the best SEO practices helps your website rank better on search engine results. The better the ranking of your site, the more traffic you’ll incur, and that lead to more conversions.

Attractive Design: 

With sufficient layouts, designs, and templates, the theme would work best to match your needs and expectations. Choose a theme where you can combine the design features to modify your site into visually appealing sets. An attractive site helps in user retention.

Customization Options: 

A theme with enough customization options can let you modify the design of your site according to your preference. You can design your site in a way that truly reflects your brand. Look for a theme that lets you customize it as per your preference. 

Responsive Design:

Having a responsive design is a must for any website. Your visitors can use different devices to access your site, and if your site is not responsive, you will likely lose visitors. 

Plugins Support: 

Another feature to look for is plugin support. Your website needs the support of plug-ins to help you add functionalities. For example, the WooCommerce plug-in can help you start an online shop. Similarly, Contact Form 7 lets you add a subscription form to your site.

Multimedia Content: 

An amalgamation of media- such as images and videos, makes your site more interesting and visually pleasing. So choose a theme that allows you to add multimedia to your site. 

List of Best WordPress Themes For Your Radio Website

Whether you are setting up a website for an FM or digital broadcast radio station or want to stream your radio shows unrestrictedly via the internet, the themes listed in this collection will be able to help you effectively launch your online presence. 

Let’s take a look at the 15+ popular radio WordPress themes you can download today.


OnAir2 Radio Station WordPress Theme

Onair2 is a radio WordPress theme that features a non-stop music player. If you are looking to promote your radio station online and deliver musical content directly from your website to listeners, then Onair2 is the theme for you. 

You get access to three demos with Onair2 that give you a range of well-designed options for your radio website. Depending on your preference, the homepage of your site can present a large slider that will display the latest content from your radio station, including music videos. 

Accordingly, one feature that all the Onair2 demos share is the music player aspect. Your audience can use this to stream the audio from your radio station or play pre-recorded content that you host on your site. As visitors browse differently, the music player is advanced enough to keep the audio playing as additional pages are visited by your audience on your website. 

Moreover, Onair2 comes with a complete set of blog templates that allow you to publish news on your website as well. It offers support for handling events, too, allowing you to publish the details of upcoming hosted events, festivals or club nights that your audience might be interested in.

Theme DetailsDemo

Music Club 

Music Club WordPress theme

Music Club is a flexible WordPress music theme that is well-suited for radio websites. The two homepage formats of this theme allow you to get two different options for the front page of your website. Not only that, but Music Club has a built-in page builder tool as well, which you can use easily to edit different templates for your website.

The Music Club theme offers its own audio player functionality, letting your visitors listen to your shows via your visually appealing site. It all the templates needed to organize files of previously recorded shows as well, so they are easily accessible to your audience. 

Publishing events on your website is also straightforward, allowing you to promote upcoming radio shows. Besides that, sharing the details of events such as festivals, parties, and club nights is just as easy too.

Additionally, you can also sell any items from your radio website, including merchandise, tickets, or audio files, thanks to the theme’s integration with the WooCommerce plugin. 

Theme DetailsDemo


Vice WordPress Theme

Vice is a multipurpose music WordPress theme that you can use to launch a radio website. The theme is a complementary match for you and your audience, no matter what type of music you play on your radio station. 

The homepage of this theme features a full-width layout that doesn’t look like a typical WordPress website design. Instead, the menu bar is hidden by default, only revealing itself when a user clicks on its expansion button. Besides, the floating social share icon always-on display also makes it easy for your visitors to share your content.

With Vice’s single-page layout, the selection of modules reveals themselves as you scroll down the page. Some of the modules include the featured artists or radio show hosts section, along with the video player and the events feed. 

The other components that make up the Vice theme streamline the process of publishing show details, audio releases, and podcast episodes. You can also utilize the blog templates to publish the latest news on your site. 

In addition, Vice’s demo site includes floating audio player controls that enable your audience to listen to your radio show or any other audio files or streams that are integrated with your website

Theme DetailsDemo


SONIK WordPress Theme

A music-focused WordPress theme well suited to create radio websites, SONIK comes with four website demos. The offered demos work well for DJs, musicians, and rock bands looking for a stylish website.

Among the many features of this theme, the floating header area keeps the audio player controls on display at all times for your visitors. Thanks to this, your visitors can swiftly control the audio feed as they browse along with the pages of your website. The integrated audio player also comes designed to stream the music constantly without interruption as your visitors move from page to page.

Similarly, the schedule section of the theme is also exceptionally well-designed. It gives you an easy way to display the broadcast time of each of your shows. Due to the Ajax loading of the schedule publishing tool, timetables can be viewed for the different days of the week without triggering any page loads.

SONIK includes the chart template that allows you to quickly publish multiple formatted charts on your website. Likewise, the events template is designed to help promote virtual events, such as upcoming radio shows or festivals. 

Theme DetailsDemo


Chords - Radio Station wordpress theme

Chords feature a pre-built website demo designed specifically for creating radio sites. While you could apply this theme for almost any type of music site, it does offer a demo that can help you quickly set up a radio website with WordPress. 

To set up your site, you can replace other demo content with your own text, images, and audio files. As the theme has its own internal music player, you can easily share the latest recordings with visitors. Using the events tool, you can promote upcoming special shows or other festivals that are taking place, such as offline events like club parties. 

The chart widget and template integration in the theme allows you a quick way to promote your most popular shows, as well as the most-listened-to or played tracks from your radio station. You can also use the social media widgets to add a bit more content to your website and display photos from Instagram and tweets from Twitter in your sidebar, footer, or other widget-ready areas.

Along with the event publishing tool and the tracklist management features, Chords is also faceted with an excellent page builder compatibility that enables you to customize the design of your site.

Theme DetailsDemo

Rare Radio

Rare Radio WordPress Theme

Rare Radio is an all-around music WordPress theme that features many templates for radio station sites. The selection of demos that Rare Radio theme presents covers a wide range of different music websites, including radio sites. You can save time when building your locale by choosing one of the demos the theme offers, as it should provide you with everything you need to get started.

Some of the demo elements include the weekly schedule that makes it easy for your visitors to see when your shows are being broadcast, along with a panel that displays the profiles of the radio station hosts. Other unique features also include a module for promoting events such as special radio shows or upcoming parties and club nights. 

Rare Radio has full eCommerce support as well. Due to this, you can sell anything you want from your website, and you can do so without too much extra work. 

This theme comes with the Elementor plugin that lets you customize the look and feel of your website. As Elementor brings its own library of modules, you can even use it to add extra features to your sites, such as image galleries, social sharing icons, and call-to-action buttons.

Theme DetailsDemo


Sounder wordpress theme

Sounder WordPress theme features designs that let you create a visually-pleasing radio website. The theme offers three website demos that feature bright and colorful designs. Besides, you can easily customize every aspect of your website to grab the attention of your visitors through the theme’s intuitive user interface.

The audio player is hands down a central feature of this responsive theme. It could be highlighted as a simple widget with basic controls. Likewise, the audio player can be used to showcases the details of the current playing show and information about the next scheduled one.

Aside from the audio player, other homepage elements of Sounder include a feed of upcoming shows, a space for uploading videos, and a tag cloud that lets your visitors quickly filter content based on their musical taste. You can also display archived shows on the homepage, attributed with their own audio players. 

Sounder presents a premium page builder plugin that gives you the tools to open and edit the pre-built layouts. Additionally, the social media integration feature of this theme makes it possible to automatically display content from your website on social media sites.

Theme DetailsDemo


MusicPlay wordpress theme

Another purpose-built radio WordPress theme, MusicPlay, is a bright and colorfully designed theme that can set up your website in minutes. MusicPlay does an excellent job of wrapping its valuable features in a selection of stylish templates to let you create a visually pleasing website. 

The layout templates of this theme include full-width audio players ideal for streaming radio shows, video widgets for sharing live footage, and a ticket sales area for promoting upcoming events. Correspondingly, MusicPlay also has templates for publishing host profiles of the radio shows and a schedule covering the show’s broadcast days. 

Another prominent feature of MusicPlay includes the album publishing templates and organizational tools. This theme presents all the templates needed to display albums offered by your website online. Likewise, the eCommerce support also lets you cumulate payments and deliver digital files through your website. 

MusicPlay has an eye-catching design, but the appearance can easily be customized through the theme options and settings as well. 

Theme DetailsDemo


Miraculous WordPress Theme

Primarily an online music store WordPress theme, Miraculous also works well for radio sites. With features like a streaming audio player and a playlist tool, Miraculous is a suitable theme for your radio website or any other site that requires the ability to play music. 

The pre-built website demos in the Miraculous package present templates for publishing Charts, sharing album reviews, and upcoming release listings. Therefore, if you like to include this type of content on your radio website, you can easily do so with the Miraculous theme.

From the showcase template pages, your visitors can click on a radio station or show and then start listening to the audio stream. You can get access to other templates as well to make it easy to publish details about your radio show hosts and information about the shows. 

On top of that, you can pick to display the trending songs widget positioned at the top of the page layout while setting up your site. When a website user clicks on the trending song, they are directed to a page that displays all the previous trending songs.

The theme is available with a page builder tool, making the necessary customizations easily adjustable.

Theme DetailsDemo


Pulse WordPress Theme

Pulse is a perfect theme for radio sites, as well as for audio, music, and music shop websites. The theme comes with a user-created playlist which is great for setting up your own website. 

You can see the theme layouts in action via the online website demos that are available. The layout templates of this theme include full-width audio players that are ideal for streaming radio shows to online visitors, as well as video widgets for sharing live footage. 

Besides, the layout also consists of a ticket sales area for promoting upcoming events and attendance organizing. The homepage layouts feature a slanted design that is sure to catch the attention of your visitors.

Pulse is also page builder compatible, enabling you to customize the design. You can also modify the modules on the homepage through the theme’s control panel. With elegant and eye-catching templates and beautiful customization options, Pulse can work well for many different types of radio stations.



Divi Multi-purpose WordPress Theme

Divi is a theme that lets you have total mastery over your website. You don’t have to comply with the conventional layout included in the theme to set up your site. Instead, you can quickly create your own customized site thanks to the incredibly functional page-building tool that is available with the theme. 

Divi may not incorporate a music player, but due to its incredible facets, you will not notice the lack of one. It is easy to set up and easy to customize, presenting you with the best options your website can use for a unique and engaging feel.

With the theme’s visual builder, you can virtually create any kind of website that you want. There is a real text editor embedded within the theme, as well as support for more than 46 different content elements that you can utilize. Apart from that, it also provides support for global components. 

There are loads of pre-made demos and layouts that you can choose from. You can also build your demos and store them for use later on with Divi. 

Theme DetailsDemo


Bridge WordPress Theme

Bridge is a fully responsive, multipurpose radio station WordPress theme. It can also be customized to design websites for different sectors besides radio as well. This theme offers more than three hundred demos, giving you a wide variety of options to choose from. 

You can also import any of the demos using the one-click demo import feature that works within minutes, making your site set up convenient and easy. The theme comes with twenty four layout options that range from standard site layouts to original and innovative design outlines. 

You will undeniably find the perfect solution for your preferred website within the theme’s collection of creative demos. For help when setting up your website, you get video tutorials that provide step-by-step instructions. Installing and updating the Bridge theme is easy.

On top of that, Bridge comes with a fully functional listing plugin that enables you to create listing and directory websites. The plugin introduces a new listing post type and a variety of shortcodes for displaying your listings. It also features a membership plugin that lets your website users create their own accounts. 

This theme also comes with an intuitive, easy-to-use admin interface that you can use to add unlimited sliders and slides while editing pages and posts.

Theme DetailsDemo


FWRD WordPress Theme

FWRD is one of the best themes for artists, musicians and radio stations. It comes with up to six demos to choose from. To make sure that you are provided with the kind of website you are looking for, FWRD offers a one-click demo import feature used to import the demo content in an efficient and easy manner. 

You can customize your website using the WPBakery page builder plugin as well. With that, you can simply drag and drop content onto your pages and posts for added customization flexibility. Besides, FWRD comes retina-ready and fully responsive to make sure that your site visitors have a fantastic display across all devices.

Being a radio station theme, you are offered fantastic music and album players with FWRD that you can have at various sections of your website. This allows you to add tracks and easily manage your playlist. 

FWRD is also fully compatible with the WooCommerce plugin, allowing you to create an online store to sell music albums and any of your merchandise. Additionally, the theme is translation-ready to make sure that you can easily translate your website to other languages. This can help reach people in different places of the world. 

Theme DetailsDemo


Musik WordPress Theme

A fully customizable and responsive radio station WordPress theme, Musik makes it very easy to manage audio, albums, music, and artists from a centralized place. It is retina-ready and fully responsive, presenting your site visitors with a fantastic user experience on all devices despite the device screen size. 

Musik also comes optimized for both SEO and speed, enabling your site visitors to not spend a lot of time exploring your website with long pauses and delays. This tool also gives your site a fair ranking on search engine results. 

Not to mention, the theme comes fully compatible with the WooCommerce eCommerce plugin as well. With the help of this feature, you can set up an online store through which you can sell your merchandise and music albums. 

Musik features an audio preview that supports both MP3 and OGG format, along with a player which is a jQuery HTML5 audio player. This player offers playlist support that you can use to set up a playlist to air through your website. 

Similarly, the theme also comes with up to four-page templates and a powerful admin panel. It allows you to customize almost all aspects of your website- including the logo, header and player background colors, among others. 

Theme DetailsDemo


Rekord WordPress Theme

Rekord is a unique multipurpose WordPress theme that you can customize to match the requirements of your radio station site. It is based on contemporary web development technologies and Bootstrap. 

The theme is easily adaptable to the changing nature of the world of web development. Apart from radio station websites, Rekord can also be used by singer bands and event managers to set up fantastic WordPress websites for their business. 

Rekord is entirely Ajaxify, which means tracks will continue to play even if you visit other pages within the site. This is an essential feature to have in that your site as visitors will not be limited to navigating your website when they tune in to your radio station or listen to music from the website.

Rekord comes with playlists powered by WaveSurfer, along with custom widgets that are ready-made to increase the website’s functionality. It is also retina-ready and fully responsive, sure to adapt quickly to different device screen sizes. 

Moreover, the theme is enhanced for both speed and SEO as well, making sure that your pages load faster and your website will have a fair ranking on all search engines. 

Theme DetailsDemo


Vipo WordPress Theme

Vipo is a gorgeously designed audio and video WordPress theme that can be used to match the requirements of a radio website. It comes with unique features needed to create a radio station website, with several demo pages for you to choose from. 

The theme also packs a one-click demo import feature that can be used to import the demo content. Your site can also be customized using the WPBakery page builder plugin that allows you to adjust your site’s layout and design simply by dragging and dropping content onto the pages. 

Vipo is retina-ready and fully responsive as well to make sure that your site visitors can enjoy a fantastic display on all devices and screen types. Moreover, this theme features a floating music player as well to play your featured music at the bottom of the webpage. 

It also introduces an event manager feature that allows you to set up upcoming events, as well as a ticketing system that enables the purchase of tickets for the events.

Theme DetailsDemo

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Which is the best radio WordPress theme for you?

If you are looking for a theme that incorporates all of the best facets and features for a radio website, then you can choose Onair2. Another popular theme that has been steadily gaining notoriety in feature-heavy and optimized theme options is Music Club. You can use this theme for music, club, party, radio station, bands or even entertainment magazines.

Or, you can also go with the SONIK theme for a professional and laid-back website that focuses on music and radio features. 

Do you need to pay any license fees to play any audio produced on your site using the themes?

Typically, license fees only apply to commercial productions. The theme developers would inform you about it before they process your order. In all other instances, sound effects and music incorporated in the themes are generally royalty-free.


All of the listed popular radio Wordpress themes are very easy to use, come with a powerful options panel to swiftly customize your website, even if you do not have any web development skills. Likewise, all of the themes listed above come with all the necessary tools that are required to run a successful radio station website. 

Most of the listed radio WordPress themes are also faceted with built-in audio players that let your audience enjoy shows uninterrupted as they browse different pages on your site. They also feature templates for uploading your radio schedule, displaying the host details, and publishing archive recordings of past shows.

Go through all the details properly and choose your next radio WordPress theme. In the meantime, don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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